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Grand Theft World Podcast 011 | Worldview Warfare

This week, we gave a high-level overview of the recent mayhem at the American capitol, exploring a variety of perspectives and a wide variety of clips. We talked about the upcoming Greater Reset event and looked at Bill Gates’ voracious purchasing of American farmland, the Food Chain Reaction simulation, and the educational deficits of public schooling.

In Covid news, we present the recent NHS admission that Ivermectin may, in fact, be a possible treatment, as well as censorship and misinformation. Pfizer’s medical device is labeled as a “vaccine” when, in fact, it’s more likely to play a role in DARPA’s transhuman interests (which we also look at).

Grand Theft World Podcast 010 | Everything’s allReichstag

Welcome to Grand Theft World Podcast episode 010, ‘Everything’s allReichstag’.

Grand Theft World Podcast 009 | How CENSORSHIP Fuels Tyranny

Welcome to Grand Theft World Podcast episode 09, ‘How CENSORSHIP Fuels Tyranny’. We cover some of the highlights in 2020, a year in pReview. What a wild year it was! Get ready, because we then cover some of the more current events and dive into what is coming down the pike in 2021. Adam Finnegan joins us in the second half and drops a enormous amount of information and knowledge from his research archives. Find out more about Adams work at the Garden of Great Work.

Grand Theft World Podcast 007 | The CyberPanopticon

Grand Theft World Podcast 007 | The CyberPanopticon

Welcome to Grand Theft World Podcast episode 07, The CyberPanopticon. This episodes opens with a brief overview of the Cyber Polygon. We then take a deep dive into the technologies which are being introduced to the public, as part of the CyberPanopticon, and down the rabbit hole we go. From gain-of-function research papers and artifacts, to IBM And the Holocaust. Thanks for joining us for the research roundtable, with your outstanding AUTONOMY navigator, Richard Grove.

Interviews to Integrate #3: Antony C. Sutton

If you told your grandmother that the Nazis were funded by American firms, what do you think she'd say? And what if you told your uncle, who fought in Vietnam, that Charlie's weapons were made by the USA? For sure, at best, you'd be a laughing-stock; at worst, most...

Interviews to Integrate #2: Norman Dodd

School. You went there. So did I. I think we all know that it sucked, but from what ideology was it born? The history of school is not the subject of this post, though it's a history well worth delving into. Instead, today, I'd like to show you one of its most...

Interviews to Integrate #1: Carroll Quigley

I'm quite sure that we all know Carroll Quigley by now. We all know that he was the author of Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment. We know that he taught at Georgetown University where he mentored Bill Clinton, and that he "did a great deal of study...

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