Grand Theft World Podcast 191 | DUMPIN’ BIDEN

by | Jul 8, 2024

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** MAJOR SHAKEUP Foreshadowed — “Sh*t Is Going To Hit The Fan On Monday” – WeAreChange**
** NYC Bans Masks… To Stop Crime – Cash Jordan**
** BREAKING: TRUMP IS IMMUNE, Supreme Court Side With TRUMP, Sends Case To Lower Court | Timcast News**
** Weekend at Biden’s: Jill And Hunter Propping Up Ol’ Joe – Kim Iversen**
** Defiant Biden says he will stay in race – CBS Evening News**
** Woke Media ROASTED For Claiming Biden COVERED UP His Mental Collapse, NO ONE BELIEVES THIS – Timcast**
** Candace Owens EXPLOSIVE Take On Macron’s Wife Will Blow Your Mind! – The Jimmy Dore Show**
**,-2019,-Project-Veritas-leaked-footage-of-ABC-News-anchor-Amy-Robach-complaining-about-how-ABC-prevented-her-from-sharing-news-about-Jeffrey-Epstein-in-the-past:3 On November 5, 2019, Project Veritas leaked footage of ABC News anchor Amy Robach complaining about how ABC prevented her from sharing news about Jeffrey Epstein in the past**
** Secret Jeffrey Epstein Docs Released – The Young Turks**
** “I’m Not Antisemitic” Roger Waters vs Piers Morgan On Israel-Palestine & More – Piers Morgan Uncensored**
** Israel ordered Hannibal Directive on October 7.**
** BREAKING: Israel Running Out of Ammo & Economy Crashing – Dangerous Ideas with Lee Camp**
** Literally Hitler. Why Can’t We Talk About Him? | Candace Ep 17 – Candace Owens**
** Life in Israel’s Guantanamo Bay(s) – GDF**
** Israeli Soldiers Admit Striking Their Own People on October 7th – Richard Medhurst**
** Creation of the Israel Nation Exposed Prof Walter Veith – 365BASICS**
** Gaza_ The Astounding Parallels with 9_11 – Livingston, MT 6-23-24 – RichardGage911**
** INCREDIBLE James Corbett Interview w/ Jimmy Dore! – The Jimmy Dore Show**
** Operation Gladio | How The Mob Financed The CIA’s Secret Army – The Why Files**

** Biden’s Paradise (Parody Song) – FreedomToons**
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