Solutions for Content Creators to Censorship and How To Be More Efficient, With Matthew Raymer of Content Safe.

A massive solution for content creators in response to the growing threat of censorship, Content Safe is an inevitable step in the evolution of silver linings and innovation that are resulting as the clouds over Mordor grow darker. Matthew Raymer discusses the...

Solutions: Ditch Google and get Linux, with Luis Palacios

    Click here to check out the original post with sourced links. What is the big deal with Linux? In this episode you’ll learn what it is, how it started, and why it could be empowering for the average computer users. Luis discusses its...

Black Market Friday: Solutions with James Corbett and Ernie Hancock

For show notes and original video click here. . Many people believe tomorrow, November 27, 2020, to be “Black Friday,” but they are wrong. Tomorrow is actually “Black Market Friday,” a chance for free humanity to flex its muscles by demonstrating its commitment to...
Thanksgiving Special 2020 by Jack Spirko

Thanksgiving Special 2020 by Jack Spirko

To listen and to get the original links, click here. Today one day before the great American Holiday we stop and pause to think about what we have to be thankful for. Two years ago I rerecorded the original portion of this show into much better audio quality, I do...

Thanksgiving Special 2020 by Jack Spirko

The Future Belongs to Land Holders and Entrepreneurs by Jack Spirko

Check out the original article at The Survival Podcast and listen to the show here. Historically in America who has been president or your senator, etc has meant very little in reality. What has mattered is how well individuals have designed their lives. The two...

Thanksgiving Special 2020 by Jack Spirko

How to Become Your Own Banker with AUTONOMY’S Lisa Manfredi

Solutions come in many forms, and in this case it's an incredibly feasible thing to do for anyone. It’s one of the most open “secrets” you never learned about. In this episode, AUTONOMY'S Lisa Manfredi explains how using certain whole life insurance policies can be...

Thanksgiving Special 2020 by Jack Spirko

Freedom Cells as a Solution with John Bush

For the original post at with all of the relevant links, click here.This is a must listen for anyone serious about finding solutions to the current attack on humanity. John Bush explains how the freedom cell networks work as a viable solution for...

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