Jay Dyer

DISGUSTING! Russell Brand Drama & The CIA’s Control of the Media & Arts

Jay Dyer comments on his hour of Lord V how the CIA uses their control of media and arts to debase and control society while simultaneously running moral outrage campaigns against people who challenge

Russell Brand Accusations, Feminism & Trial By Media! -Jay Dyer

#russellbrand #women #accused

I just gave a lengthy interview on the topic, but it was behind a paywall so I wanted to mention my thoughts on my channel. More could be said regarding the comparison

TIK TOK CRINGE & Bizarre, Weird Events & Strange Phenomena – Jay Dyer

We return to analyzing Tik Tok cringe and strange, creepy phenomena, with maybe a little slapped ham and bizarre Bub in the mix. We shall see. Either way, some fun clips emerged this week that bear a

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