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Found 929 cases where Vaccine targets COVID-19 (COVID19) and Patient Died, From the 2/12/2021 release of VAERS data

VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) has recorded 929 cases as of Feb 12, 2021, where COVID-19 vaccinated patients have died. The official reasons for death vary, and so far, none have been identified as directly l inking their death directly with the...

RFK, Jr. Responds to Instagram’s Removal of His Account

By Children’s Health Defense Global Research, February 12, 2021 Children's Health Defense 11 February 2021  Go here for the original article at  All Global Research articles can be read in 27 languages by activating the “Translate Website” drop...

Report that Trump may pardon Silk Road founder Ulbricht sparks debate over who deserves clemency

From RT News. Click here for original article. Donald Trump is mulling a pardon for Ross Ulbricht, creator of the darknet drug market Silk Road, according to a report. The potential act of mercy has elicited groans from pundits who think there are more deserving...
An International Message of Hope for Humanity From RFK, Jr.

An International Message of Hope for Humanity From RFK, Jr.

  By Children's Health Defense Team "This past weekend, Children’s Health Defense’s (CHD) board chair Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. sent a message to the people around the world who realize they are watching their freedoms be taken away one after the other. Spoken in...

Gates Grows Global Ag Empire, Expands Large-Scale Biopiracy

by Vandana Shiva   Click here for original article and reference links.  Vandana Shiva is the founder of Navdanya Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology (India) and president of Navdanya International. Editor’s note: This is the introduction to...

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