Grand Theft World Podcast 175 | Over the Top

by | Mar 18, 2024

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Huge thanks to our GTW community supporters and a big thanks to tonight’s tippers:

@lifebeyondwords i love you guys and thanks. this is only constructive criticism. aloha!

Matt Greene Tipped $5: In the timeless words of P.Diddy, ‘can’t stop, won’t stop Uh-uh uh-uh’ you guys are the best!

Unkelkennie $5 LD is the best Rant reader on the Net .

Matt Greene Tipped $5: “we tik-tok’d about it”. that was fuckin funny.

SCSI “Scuzzy” Tipped $10: Thank you GTW

Denver Attaway Tipped $5: I love you guys

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