Grand Theft World Podcast 171 | PALESTINIAN HOLODOMOR

by | Feb 20, 2024

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** BOTH Are Persecuting Opposition, And Now One’s Threatening ARMAGEDDON! – WeAreChange**
** YIKES! Biden Brings Fried Chicken To Black Kids in Awkward Hostage Video | Internet CRINGES – Benny Johnson**
** Michael Rappaport ADMITS He Got FOOLED By Charlottesville Hoax, Dems LIED To Americans – TimcastIRL**
** Tucker Carlson: “Netanyahu is the greatest threat to world peace, and the US should invade Israel to take their nuclear weapons away.”**

** Lord Rothschild Claims His Family Created Israel – Luxury Zone**
** Yes, Israel Is An Apartheid State & Here’s Why! w/ Aaron Maté – The Jimmy Dore Show**
** Dave Smith SHUTS DOWN Laura Loomer’s Pro-Israel Talking Points – Due Dissidence**
** Israeli soldier records himself blowing up a mosque – CNN**
** Youssef: Demanding a ceasefire shouldn’t be a controversial issue – TRT World Now**
** How Israel Merked its Own Civilians on October 7 – GDF**
** Cenk Uygur’s Powerful Election Ad Exposes US Israel Love-In – Novara Media**
** PM Netanyahu’s Remarks at the Conference of Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations – IsraeliPM**
** Holocaust Survivor Explains Why You Can’t Support Israel – Dangerous Ideas with Lee Camp**

** Gazans surviving off animal feed and rice as food dwindles | BBC News – BBC News**
** Humanitarian crisis growing in Gaza – NBC News**
** Egypt ‘prepares to receive Palestinian refugees’ along Gaza border | DW News – DW News**
** Shocking Evidence Israel Plots Mass Expulsion of Palestinians – Owen Jones**
** VILE! IDF Photoshoot In Kitchens of Starving Gazans – Breaking Points**
** ‘Gaza’s Newton’ generates electricity for family tent | REUTERS – Reuters**
** Israeli Soldiers Allow DEPRAVED Extremists To Block Aid To Gaza – The Young Turks**
** Bibi DEMANDS US Pay For Gaza Tent Cities – Breaking Points**
** Israel BUSTED Posting FAKE Photos Of Humanitarian Aid – Katie Halper**
** Israel forces Palestinians to leave Gaza hospital | Al Jazeera Newsfeed – Al Jazeera English**
** REPORT: Israeli Snipers SHOOT Civilians Entering, Leaving Gaza Hospital – The Young Turks**
** BREAKING: Israel STORMS LARGEST Gaza Hospital – Breaking Points**
** An Amazing Number of Americans Call This Genocide! – Dangerous Ideas with Lee Camp**
** Briahna Joy Gray: Israel STORMS Gaza Hospital, MURDERS American Teen in Palestinian GENOCIDE – The Hill**
** Jerusalem 1905 to 1920 – Paul Sandra**
** Hind Rajab: Israel Kills Medics Trying to Save Dying 6-Year-Old Girl in Gaza – Democracy Now!**
** Occupied East Jerusalem demolition: Israeli forces to bulldoze Palestinian home – Al Jazeera English**
** EZZI – We Aint Goin Nowhere (Am Yisroel Chai) Official Music Video – Kosher Vids**
** PROOF They LIED About Aid Workers Helping Hamas! – The Jimmy Dore Show**
** WATCH: Israeli Spokesperson Won’t Provide Evidence For UNRWA Accusations #TYT – The Young Turks**
** Racist Israeli school books – SaltCubeAnalytics**
** How Israel And Its Allies Weaponize Antisemitism – AJ+**
** Bibi BOMBS Rafah As Egypt Threatens War – Breaking Points**
** Here’s What Happened in Gaza During the Super Bowl – GDF**
** Owen Jones Said it a Decade Ago! #israel – Muslim Central**
** The Conspiracy Theory of World War II – Yad Vashem**

** The Great Vaush Slam Dunk Expose – It’s Over… – H3 Podcast Highlights**
** Vaush Exposed!! – Isaac Butterfield**
** Keffals Hits An All Time Low Trying To Defend Vaush & The Lolipops – H3 Podcast Highlights**

** What’s Next in the Psyop? – AwakenWithJP**
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