Grand Theft World Podcast 162 | Zen Zionism

by | Dec 11, 2023

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– [**]( BOMBSHELL: The Mad Man Returns — An Incredible Start…. – WeAreChange**


– [**]( SHOCK VIDEO: Israeli Hero EXECUTED By Settler – Breaking Points**
– [**]( “We have entered a new phase in our war against Hamas.” :IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari – AIJAC**
– [**]( BREAKING: IDF Pumps Water from Mediterranean Sea to Flood Out Hamas Terror Tunnels | TBN Israel – TBN Israel**
– [**]( Israel-Hamas war: Israel intensifies attacks around Khan Younis | LiveNOW from FOX – LiveNOW from FOX**
– [**]( Netanyahu Advisor Blames Dead Family Of CNN Producer – Novara Media**
– [**]( The “Gaza Armory” and How AI Generates Failures (YouTube Cut) – Ryan McBeth**
– [**]( Israel’s Untested Armored Vehicle Thrown into Combat – Task & Purpose**
– [**]( Grinning Israeli War Vets Admit To R@ping & Murdering Palestinians – The Jimmy Dore Show**
– [**]( Female Israeli soldiers who defeated 100 Hamas terrorists tell their story – Daily Mail**
– [**]( The MIND-BLOWING Tactic for Tunnel Clearance [#israelhamasconflict]( – Conflict Zone**
– [**]( NYT reporter says Israel knew Hamas’s attack plan over a year ago**
– [**]( Israel Knew About Oct. 7 Attacks Over A YEAR AGO! – NY Times – The Jimmy Dore Show**
– [**]( “Mass Hannibal” — We killed Israelis on 7 October, says Israeli air force colonel – The Electric Entifada**
– [**]( MYSTERY: Who Made BILLIONS Betting On 10/7 Terror? – Breaking Points**
– [**]( “They KNEW October 7th was coming and they made MILLIONS on that knowledge” | Redacted News – Redacted**
– [**]( Video Of Israel’s Military Failure On Oct. 7 MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARS! – The Jimmy Dore Show**
– [**]( House PASSES ‘Antisemitism’ Resolution, Massie Votes NO: Anti-Zionism ISN’T Antisemitism – The Hill**
– [**]( Israeli Paper DEBUNKS Israel’s Lies About Oct. 7 Attacks! – The Jimmy Dore Show**
– [**]( BREAKING: Elise Stefanik Absolutely Explodes At Harvard’s President And Calls For Her Resignation – Forbes Breaking News**
– [**]( IDW Warriors and Uni Presidents Suddenly Flip Their Stances On Free Speech – Kim Iversen**
– [**]( Why America Supports Israel | Richard Nixon on Nightline with Ted Koppel – January 7, 1992 – Richard Nixon Foundation**
– [**]( AIPAC was among the top 20 spenders in the 2022 elections. Here’s how it breaks down. – MSNBC**
– [**]( How the Israel Lobby Captured British Policy on Palestine – Declassified UK**


– [**]( Scenes of Palestine, 1945 [AI Colorized, Denoised, Sharpened, Upscaled, 60fps] – History in Color**
– [**]( Malcolm X on Palestine: Eloquent, Courageous, Fearless, – the Voice of Truth! – Sheikh Imran Hosein**
– [**]( Israel Made Me an Offer! $$$ – reallygraceful**
– [**]( This is PALESTINE, a week before 2023 war [4K – With Captions!]**
– [**]( Tucker MELTS INTERNET with Alex Jones Interview | This Is PURE – Benny Johnson**


– [**]( Prof. Jordan Peterson Analyzes Nazi Propaganda Film “The Eternal Jew” (Der Ewige Jude, 1940) – Jordan Peterson Fan Channel**


– [**]( Caddyshack (1980) – How About a Nice, Cool Drink? Scene (3/9) | Movieclips**
– [**]( Yes, I own a Tank and FBI don’t like it – @WDMoments**
– Tragedy And Hopefrom [Gratitude]( by [Jo-DBL](
– [**]( Protecting The Guilty and Destroying America! – AwakenWithJP**

Huge thanks to our GTW community supporters and a big thanks to tonight’s Rokfin tippers:

**SCSI “Scuzzy”** Tipped $5: Ham ass no more.

**Paul Mozina** Tipped $50:
Heh GTW, Thanks for the excellent and invaluable work you all do and for blowing my mind with two recent book recommendations: Obstacle to Peace and The Transfer Agreement.

**Nick The Sound Guy** Tipped $5: One thing that’s great to have when you need to survive in a cold climate is a beard. Just sayin… Sorry ladies.

**renee aye** Tipped $5: Richard Grove received a tip.

**Ian White** Tipped $10:

‘props to the fellas for dropping knowledge’

Don’t read out loud please. I’m a former millionaire hockey player who
got throw in jail on BS and lost everything and now am broke as fuck but have listened to your shows repeatedly and clearly are the most
informative. Tell Tony he’s a bit gay with his fallacies of all sorts
but it’s all good. I’d love to link up at some point down the road and
have a discussion.

**Matt Greene** Tipped $5: I used to love to watch The McLaughlin Group for many reasons, not the least of which was Pat Buchanan. But they always had rare clips and file footage relating to the topics they would be discussing. This show has that, the rare clips and shit. Thanks, fellas.

**T Can** Tipped $5: Thanks GTW

**Ian White** Tipped $10:
I’ve been jewing you guys for a year cause I couldn’t afford to tip.
Which now seems a little anti Semitic to throw extra funds away.
Appreciate the weekly info

**SCSI “Scuzzy”** Tipped $5: HEXEN 2.0 Tarot Cards

**Skeletor322** Tipped $5: Tony, what are those hanging pictures of, on the wall behind you?

**Tommy Reilly** Tipped $5:
Churchill changed the fleet from coal to oil, yet people make fun of the
Chinese wanting to build the first cargo ship fueled by Nuclear, just
like the aircraft carriers

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