Grand Theft World Podcast 158 | Welcome to Planet Gaza

by | Nov 13, 2023

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** Defamation [Documentary/Movie 2009]**

** UN Chief on Israel/Palestine Crisis – Press Conference (6 Nov) | United Nations – United Nations**
** Biggest pro-Palestine protest in British history as hundreds of thousands pour into London streets – Middle East Eye**
** Israeli Minister: ‘NUKE GAZA’ | Breaking Points**
** “That Stupid Smirk On Your Face!” – Israel Apologist SMACKED DOWN By Norman Finkelstein! – The Jimmy Dore Show**
** Biden Sends $320M WEAPONS GIFT To Israel After UN Calls Gaza ‘GRAVEYARD FOR CHILDREN’: Rising – The Hill**
** Can we say this about Israel? – The Grayzone**
** Former IDF soldier believes Israel is making ‘a catastrophic mistake’ in Gaza – CNN** “Israel is LOSING this war and Netanyahu is done” – Fmr. U.S. Marine Scott Ritter | Redacted News – Redacted
** Woman With PhD Claims Marine has LOW IQ And gets ROASTED For ACTUALLY Having Lower IQ – Timcast**
** The TikTok E-Girl Warfare Conspiracy… (theory) – Upper Echelon**
** Former IDF soldier believes Israel is making ‘a catastrophic mistake’ in Gaza**
** Biden Endorses Israel Gaza Occupation | Breaking Points**
** CRAZY Combat Footage Emerges From Israel Gaza | Breaking Points**
** Max Blumenthal interviews Holocaust denier David Irving – Southern Poverty Law Center**
** West Bank Palestinians try to save their homes from Israeli extremists – PBS NewHour**
** Netanyahu, Gallant, Gantz discuss “post Hamas era” in joint press conference**

** The Public Has Never Heard This Side of the Story – End Times Productions**

** Getting Dumber and Weaker by the Day**
** Mr. Beast gets CANCELLED?! Steven Crowder ACCUSED? + More – WHF Entertainment**
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