Grand Theft World Podcast 152 | Corporate Death Penalty

by | Oct 2, 2023

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** Cracks Are Spreading! This Could Signal An END To The Nightmare! End at 6:08. Play end at 12:48.**
UKRAINE AND RUSSIA Justin Trudeau Tries To Blame Applauding A Nazi On RUSSIA! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 17m34s. NATO Head ADMITS To Provoking Russia Into Ukraine War. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 22m27s. So, It’s Over Then. Russell Brand. Full clip. 22m41s. Germany ONCE AGAIN Buying Russian Natural Gas! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 6m55s. Trudeau & Zelensky VICIOUSLY Heckled By Canadians. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 6m14s. “Republicans For Ukraine” Commercial Pushes Endless War. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 17m55s. So, This Actually Happened. Russell Brand discussing the Canadian parliament saluting a Nazi officer. Full clip. 19m14s. Why Are YOU Paying Ukrainian Salaries? Steven Crowder. Full clip. 10m05s.
VACCINES, LOCKDOWNS, AND THERAPEUTICS Fauci CAUGHT Visiting The CIA To Help Kill Lab Leak Theory! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 5m53s. So, They Knew It Was A Lie All Along. Russell Brand discussing the lack of evidence for the CDC to support vaccines for breastfeeding women. Full clip. 19m18s. Freedom Convoy Pastor Sentenced To Jail For “Causing People To Protest Longer”. Kim Iversen. Full clip. 8m26s. White House Knew COVID Vaccines Were Killing People Over Two Years Ago. Greg Reese. End at 4:12. CIA BRIBED Agent To Cover Up Lab Leak!! – Whistleblower. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 24m12s. How Jeffrey Sachs Changed His Mind On The Inconvenient Lab Leak Truth. Kim Iversen. Full clip. 9m46s. Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries: We Are The Evidence. itscommonsense2020. Full clip. 15m55s. China’s Top Virologist Issues STARK WARNING That Another Coronavirus Outbreak Highly Likely: Report. The Hill. 15m43s. COVID origins cover story continues to get published (from Livestream #192). Brett Weinstein and Heather Heying. Full clip. 12m49s. Rep. Massie: “I Think It’s Dangerous to Play God with Our Food” 9/27/2023. Forbes. Full clip. 4m17s. Dr. Peter Hotez Encourages Vaxx-Injured to Report to VAERS. The Conscious Resistance. Full clip. 9m49s.
** So, They Knew It Was A Lie All Along – Russell Brand**
** Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries: We Are The Evidence – itscommonsense2020**
** Fauci CAUGHT Visiting The CIA To Help Kill Lab Leak Theory! – The Jimmy Dore Show**
** WHO new Pandemic Treaty is TERRIFYING and almost here | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris – Redacted**
** Rep. Massie: “I Think It’s Dangerous to Play God with Our Food” 9/27/2023 – RepThomasMassie**
INTERMISSION Presenting the Fed’s Perfect Plan for U.S. Dollar Oblivion. Best Evidence. Full clip. 24m22s. The Untold Tragedy of Bob Ross – Bad Money
CULTURE Beyond the realms of absurdity. Paul Joseph Watson. Full clip. 2m26s. The Truth About GB News. Paul Joseph Watson. Full clip. 9m03s. All hell broke loose. Paul Joseph Watson discussing the Philadelphia riot. Full clip. 7m32s. Disney Finally Admit They Went Too Far, But Is It Too Late? The Critical Drinker. Full clip. 5m59s. Smoking Hot Feminist Podcasters Promote Obesity! Steven Crowder. Full clip. 4m28s. Senator Reads Child Prnography Books to Congress!* Steven Crowder. Full clip. 10m11s. PornHub Investigation: Top Employee Reveals How Company Supports Rpe & Child Prn! Steven Crowder. Full clip. 20m17s.
** Marxism’s Dialectical Materialism: Mystery Religion of the Revolutionary Faith (Half) – Jay Dyer**
TECHNOLOGY, ECONOMICS, AND POLITICS Why Are U.S. Firms Buying Up All The Farmland In Ukraine? Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 16m35s. War-Loving Senator Dianne Feinstein Dead At 90. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 22m56s. “I Saw ZERO Evidence Of Uyghur Repression In China” – Don DeBar. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 31m05s. RFK Jr.’s HUGE Middle Finger To The Democratic Party! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 30m57s. RFK Jr. Teases Party Switch To Run As A Libertarian! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 7m11s. Biden is in big trouble. Paul Joseph Watson. Full clip. 3m33s. RFK Jr’s Potential Assassination Attempt Thwarted? Kim Iversen. Full clip. 10m16s. Gavin Newsom Performs Stunning ABOUT FACE On Pro-Trans Bill! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 17m09s. “If You Love Your Kids, Get The Hell Out Of California!” – New Trans Bill Explained. Steven Crowder. Full clip. 17m52s. Brazil’s Lula DEFENDS Assange At The United Nations. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 11m05s. Jimmy Dore Addresses UN Security Council (Full Video). Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 11m31s. Jimmy Drops TRUTH BOMBS About Nord Stream Bombing At The United Nations. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 29m56s. Feds Raid Home Of Dem Senator Accused Of Bribery! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 19m58s. The Hedge Fund Terrorists. Jon Bowne. End at 4:08. How Endless Wars Keep Elites Secure At Home. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 12m06s. How BIG MONEY Turned Maui Into A Tinderbox! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 25m27s. Russell Brand WON’T Bow Down To His Attackers! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 39m07s. Here’s Who’s Behind The Russell Brand Witch Hunt! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 29m29s. It’s Started Already. Russell Brand discussing the fearmongering around Russian election interference. Full clip. 26m32s.’s-furious.-2:9 He’s furious. Paul Joseph Watson discussing billionaire John Caudwell pushing climate change restrictions. Full clip. 3m07s. We were right about Sweden. Paul Joseph Watson discussing immigration and crime. Full clip. 2m38s. This Is Important. Russell Brand discussing big tech and government working in collusion to silence voices. Full clip. 20m55s. NWO C40 Cities To Enslave America. Jon Bowne. End at 4:48. How Many FEDs Does It Take To Stage an Insurrection? Darrin McBreen. End at 3:57. “Jan 6th Was Worse Than 9/11” – HEATED Argument with Lincoln Project Founder. Valuetainment. Full clip. 19m19s.
** “Jan 6th Was Worse Than 9/11” – HEATED Argument with Lincoln Project Founder – Valuetainment**
** The Lincoln Project Founder – Steve Schmidt | PBD Podcast | Ep. 308 – PBD Podcast**
** The Clinton Foundation Is Involved In Corruption That Would ‘Make Even Hunter Biden Blush’: Foxx – Forbes Breaking News**
** “It’s Fking Stupid” – Heated Argument About Who’s Part of the Establishment – Valuetainment**
** The WEF is HIDING bugs in these foods and you don’t even know it | Redacted with Clayton Morris – Redacted**
COMEDY, UFO’S, PSYCHEDELICS, AND OUTRO VIDEOS Canada APPLAUDS Nazi veteran!? Crime on the RISE! + More! WhatsHerFace. Full clip. 11m51s.
** US military LOSES a jet!? COMMUNIST grocery stores?! + More! – WHF Entertainment**
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