Grand Theft World Podcast 144 | The Political Justice System

by | Aug 7, 2023

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MINDSET 2: Organize & Level Up with Richard Grove

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** How In The World Is This JUSTIFIED?! End at 9:24. Play end at 14:28.**
UKRAINE AND RUSSIA Ukraine DISAPPEARS U.S. Journalist For Criticizing Zelensky! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 10m43s. Expect Never Ending War in Ukraine – Maiden “Midwife” Victoria Nuland Promoted. Kim Iversen. Full clip. 20m37s.
VACCINES, LOCKDOWNS, AND THERAPEUTICS Scotland Holding Politicians Accountable For Lockdowns & Vaxx Mandates! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 10m32s. To Fix U.S. Healthcare We Need To STOP POISONING OURSELVES – RFK Jr. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 22m27s. This Is Why American Kids Are The SICKEST In The World – RFK Jr. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 12m24s. 1 In 35 Vaxx Recipients Suffered From Myocarditis! – New Study. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 9m26s. NEW STUDY ADDS TO TSUNAMI OF SCIENCE SHOWING COVID VAX DAMAGES THE HEART. Jeffrey Jaxen. Full clip. 14m38s.…they-fcking-knew-all-along.html So…They Fcking Knew All Along*. Russell Brand discussing a document showing that vaccine mandates were based on a falsehood that health officials knew about but ignored. Full clip. 12m22s. DAMNING Facebook Files Show Biden Admin Censored TRUTH. Kim Iversen. Full clip. 23m41s. DR. JOE MERCOLA CANCELED BY CHASE BANK. Del Bigtree. Full clip. 18m25s. COVID QUESTIONERS DEEMED ‘DOMESTIC TERRORISTS’. Jeffrey Jaxen. Full clip. 7m03s. NIH Successfully Vaccinated People Using…Mosquitos? Kim Iversen. Full clip. 6m13s. New York Times Cites False Covid Pediatric Death Data To Fear Monger Parents | David Zweig. Kim Iversen. Full clip. 24m58s. Nanotechnology Found in Both Vaxxed And Un-Vaxxed. Greg Reese. End at 4:38.
** News Conference: Covid Lab found in Central California – KMPH FOX26 NEWS**
INTERMISSION Max Blumenthal’s Expertly Debunks RFK Jr.’s Israel-Palestine Propaganda. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 1h03m44s. RFK Jr. Agrees To Interview w/ Max Blumenthal About Israel! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 15m57s. RFK Jr Declines Debate Over Israel with Max Blumenthal. Kim Iversen. Full clip. 29m27s. “THEY’RE A POISONED CARTEL”: Vandana Shiva EXPOSES Bill Gates & the Elites! – Stay Free #179. Russell Brand. Full clip. 47m42s.
** Is Andrew Tate a Con Artist?? Here’s what Tucker and Candace missed! – Warrior Poet Society**
** Eric Hoffer: The True Believer and The Nature of Mass Movements – Academy of Ideas**
CULTURE “IT’S WAR ON THE INNOCENCE OF CHILDREN” – MIRIAM GROSSMAN, MD. Del Bigtree interviewing Dr. Miriam Grossman. Full clip. 50m34s.
** Neil DeGrasse Tyson DESTROYED For INSANE Woke Take On Gender By Based Detransitioner – TheQuartering**
** Mitchell and Webb: “Are we the baddies?”**
** I can’t believe it… They actually DID THE MEME lol. – Liberal Hivemind**
** “Sound Of Freedom” Funder Arrested For Child Trafficking, Producer Angel Studios Responds… – Press For Truth DanDicksPFT**
TECHNOLOGY, ECONOMICS, AND POLITICS “Hunter Biden Was Shielded From Investigations” – Whistleblower Says! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 8m04s. Absolute Proof Joe Biden Involved In Hunter’s Dirty Business Deals! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 20m59s. How Did They Ever Let This Air On TV? Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 10m06s. FBI Built Fake Bombs To Place Outside NYC Synagogues! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 13m22s. INTERNATIONAL Peace Rally Happening August 6 In NYC! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 6m39s. Patrick Bet-David Deconstructs BlackRock’s Influence and ESG Ratings. Joe Rogan and Patrick Bet-David. Full clip. 14m39s. The REAL REASON For Trump’s Latest Indictment Explained! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 34m44s. RFK Jr. Accused Of N@zi Dog Whistle! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 35m30s. RFK Jr.’s SHOCKING Visit To The U.S.-Mexico Border. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 18m21s. Illinois Governor Signs Off On Total Anarchy. Jon Bowne. End at 4:28. Warmongering Is KILLING The U.S. Middle Class – RFK Jr. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 20m05s. ONE CLICK AND IT’S OVER… Russell Brand discussing the selling of phone app usage and information to intelligence communities. Full clip. 13m36s. It’s NOT What You Think! Russell Brand discussing psychedelic therapy’s revival catalyzed by silicone valley. Full clip. 17m09s.
** IS THE CLIMATE CRISIS REAL? Jeffrey Jaxen. Full clip. 12m37s.** California BANS Gas-Powered Lawn Mowers – For Climate! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 13m31s.
** NWO Stooge Biden Bans Modern Civilization. Jon Bowne.** Africa: The New Middle East. Kim Iversen. Full clip. 28m33s. The War Against Humanity – Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism. Kim Iversen. Full clip. 20m37s. “Sound Of Freedom” Funder Arrested For Child Trafficking, Producer Angel Studios Responds… Dan Dicks. Full clip. 3m10s. Klaus Schwab and the Bloodlines of the Illuminati. Greg Reese. End at 4:42. Pizzagate Propagandists Become Pizzagate. Jon Bowne. End at 5:12. J6 Was An Inside Job! Darrin McBreen. End at 5:48.
** Judge In Trump Charges WORKED AT SAME FIRM AS HUNTER BIDEN, Corrupt Democrats ALREADY CHEATING 2024 – Timcast**
** ‘Political Witch Hunt’: Trump Attorney Alina Habba Blasts Charges Against the Former President – CBN News**
** He turned into a stuttering MESS after Joe Rogan challenged him! – Liberal Hivemind**
** LEAKED Tucker Interview EXPOSES J6 Cover Up, Police Chief Says They WANTED Insurrection, Frame Trump – Timcast**
** Patrick Bet-David Deconstructs BlackRock’s Influence and ESG Ratings – PowerfulJRE**
** RFK Jr. Agrees (Again)To Interview w/ Max Blumenthal About Israel! – The Jimmy Dore Show**
COMEDY, UFO’S, PSYCHEDELICS, AND OUTRO VIDEOS “This Is Not A Human Species!” New Discovery Could Change EVERYTHING We Believe About Humans. Russell Brand. Full clip. Justin Trudeau gets SEPARATED!? INSANITY in South Africa! + More! WhatsHerFace. Full clip. 12m00s.
** The Fresh Prez of DC -Episode 8 “The Greatest Wish” – KyleDunnigan**
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