Grand Theft World Podcast 139 | Imploding Narratives

by | Jul 3, 2023

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** FRANCE Is Only The BEGININNG! . End at 6:08. Play end at 20:17.**
UKRAINE AND RUSSIA Woman Who Destroyed Ukraine Gets PROMOTED At State Department! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 5m44s. Ukraine Jailing American Journalist WITH U.S. PERMISSION! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 7m29s. Russian Coup EXPOSED – What They’re NOT Telling You. Russell Brand. Full clip. 10m47s.

VACCINES, LOCKDOWNS, AND THERAPEUTICS When Dr. Peter Hotez HATED The Covid Vaxx & Attacked Jon Stewart! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 17m40s. Peter Hotez Stepped In It Big Time! Jon Bowne. End at 5:02.
** Can Anyone Watch This Without Getting ENRAGED?!? – The Jimmy Dore Show** PROOF UK Knew All Along Masks & Social Distancing Don’t Work! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 5m38s.
** FALL OF MAINSTREAM MEDIA. Jeffrey Jaxen. Full clip. 23m05s.**
** Steve Kirsch: “We Can’t Find an Autistic Kid Who Was Unvaccinated”**
INTERMISSION A False Accusation Just Got a Man Locked Out of His Smart Home. Truthstream Media. Full clip. 27m43s.
** The House of Rothschild 1934 Boris Karloff**
** RFK Jr At Porcfest 2023! Cronyism’s Control of DC: Covid, War, Climate with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.**
CULTURE A strange festival. Paul Joseph Watson. Full clip. 9m37s. B A R B I E. Paul Joseph Watson. Full clip. 8m45s. IMPORTANT EXCLUSIVE: Roseanne Barr Sets the Record Straight with Alex Jones on the Holocaust and More! | The Alex Jones Show
** Theo Von DESTROYS Woke Mob Trying To Cancel Him Over Roseanne Interview In A Single Tweet! – TheQuartering** Here is the full clip of Roseanne Barr obviously using sarcasm and satire. She is a mensch and one of the funniest people i’ve ever met. Vaccine scientist speaks out on harassment after Joe Rogan challenged him – CNN
** Pride March Chants “We’re Coming For Your Children,” Leftists DEFEND Grooming Kids EXPLICITLY – Timcast**
TECHNOLOGY, ECONOMICS, AND POLITICS Trump Tells FORBIDDEN Truth About U.S. Foreign Policy! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 7m09s. “THIS IS OFF THE RECORD” Leaked Audio PROVES Trump Right! Russell Brand. Full clip. 13m56s. The Trump Tapes: What’s Worse, Showing Classified Documents or Exposing MIC Warmongers? Kim Iversen. Full clip. 29m22s. Was Trump Actually Telling The Truth About The Classified Documents? Kim Iversen. Full clip. 8m33s. JFK’s Most Amazing Speech On Peace. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 6m08s. We MUST End THIS Before It’s Too Late… | Matt Taibbi & Michael Shellenberger (LIVE EVENT). Russell Brand. Full clip. 11m08s.
** “IT’S GONE TOO FCKING FAR!” – Elon Musk’s REAL Fight*. Russell Brand. Full clip. 17m24s.** WRECKAGE FOUND! The HIDDEN Titan Truth That NOBODY’S TALKING ABOUT. Russell Brand. Full clip. 18m31s. The Truth About France. Paul Joseph Watson. Full clip. 9m12s. “Nothing to See Here” New OIG Report Concludes Jeffery Epstein Killed Himself. Kim Iversen. Full clip. 16m58s. OH SHT, They’re Spying On Your KIDS Now?!* Russell Brand. Full clip. 17m03s.
** The 2 Party System and the Dumbing Down of America. Greg Reese. End at 4:48.**
** Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Greg Reese. 5:28.**
COMEDY, UFO’S, PSYCHEDELICS, AND OUTRO VIDEOS New GREEN LIGHT UFO Spotted In Ohio As Alien Reports CONFIRMED By Senators. Russell Brand. Full clip. 11m10s. KILLER ALIENS?! UFO Whistleblower: Humans Have Been MURDERED By ‘Non-Human Intelligences’. Russell Brand. Full clip. 13m10s.
** Trusting Us is Mandatory – NEWS UPDATE – AwakenWithJP** The BIGGEST LIE the MEDICAL INDUSTRY is telling you! WHF Entertainment. Full clip. 11m28s. BOOSTER – Media Bear
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