Grand Theft World Podcast 123 | The Red Velvet Revolution

by | Mar 13, 2023

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** CRASH! This Will NOT End Well…. End at 5:48. Play CRASH! This Will NOT End Well… end at 13:38.** Hostility Toward Christians Is Ramping Up | Kristi Leigh’s Daily Brief. Full clip. 6m18s.
** Kristi Leigh’s Daily Brief – March 10, 2023** Video Evidence Busts Jan 6 Narrative | Kristi Leigh’s Daily Brief. Full clip. 8m31s.

UKRAINE AND RUSSIA Bernie Pushes CIA Talking Points About Ukraine War. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 6m56s. Rashida Tlaib CONFRONTED About Sending $100 Billion To Ukraine. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 9m33s. Sergei Lavrov DESTROYS Biden’s Argument On Ukraine. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 9m57s. BREAKING: US Claims UKRAINIANS Blew Up Nord Stream | Breaking Points. Saagar Enjeti. Full clip. 6m09s.

VACCINES, LOCKDOWNS, AND THERAPEUTICS “Unvaccinated” Tennis Star Novak Djokovic DENIED Entry To United States. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 6m28s. REVEALED! Fauci MADE UP His Own Study To Counter “Lab Leak” Theory. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 11m09s. Washington Post LIES And Says Masks Work. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 23m22s. Media: WHO Accord hysteria is misguided || Dr. Tess Lawrie. Allison Morrow. Full clip. 47m28s.

Lockdown Files The Lockdown Files. Paul Joseph Watson. Full clip. 3m48s.,-daddy!:0 Govern me harder, daddy! Paul Joseph Watson discussing a poll in Britain stating that the government didn’t govern enough during the Covid-19 pandemic. Full clip. 3m40s. HANCOCK CAUGHT RED HANDED WITH THE LOCKDOWN FILES. Jeffrey Jaxen. Full clip. 26m07s. EPISODE 310: FUNNY BUSINESS. The Jaxen Report. Play 39:57 – 1:25:52.
** REDFIELD LETS LOOSE AT CONGRESSIONAL HEARING ON COVID ORIGINS. Jeffrey Jaxen. Full clip. 13m34s.** CONGRESS ZEROES IN ON W.H.O.’S JEREMY FARRAR. Jeffrey Jaxen. Full clip. 5m35s. U.S. Covid Lab breach EXPOSED, this CHANGES EVERYTHING | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris. Full clip. 23m03s.
** CDC’s Redfield Testifies Fauci EXCLUDED Him From Initial Covid Origin Convos Bc Of Lab Leak Beliefs – The Hill** Fauci CAUGHT Trying To COVER UP Lab leak Theory, Fauci Should Be CRIMINALLY CHARGED
** Fauci CAUGHT Prompting Lab Leak Coverup | Breaking Points** The Truth About How Authorities Used Covid for Psychological Warfare – Peak Properity U.S. Covid Lab breach EXPOSED, this CHANGES EVERYTHING | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris – Redacted


** BLOODLINES OF POWER. reallygraceful. Full clip. 1h10m05s.**

CULTURE m a d w o r l d 2. Paul Joseph Watson’s artistic representation of current culture. Full clip. 12m47s. Liberals are more depressed than conservatives. Paul Joseph Watson. Full clip. 2m43s.
[’t-get-it.:2](’t-get-it.:2) She doesn’t get it. Paul Joseph Watson discussing an OnlyFans girl that was upset to be told the truth about finding a husband. Full clip. 3m25s. Mockingbird Media Stirs The Race War Pot. Jon Bowne. End at 5:00.


Twitter Files Testimony Dems CLOWN THEMSELVES In Attacks On ‘Twitter Files’ Journalists! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 15m05s. Matt Taibbi Schools Dem Congressman On Purpose Of “Twitter Files” Hearing. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 11m01s. Dem Rep’s Rambling & Confused Questions For Matt Taibbi. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 8m24s. Jim Jordan HUMILIATES Trust Fund Dem In Twitter Files Hearing. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 13m44s. Censorship In Real Time. Jon Bowne. End at 6:38.
** Jim Jordan Leads Hearing Targeting Govt Suppression Of Free Speech On Twitter Feat. Matt Taibbi – Forbes Breaking News** How The WEF Makes TOTAL CONTROL Appealing! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 1m44s.
January 6th Tucker Carlson: No honest person can deny this about Jan. 6. Full clip. 5m31s. Tucker Carlson: There is no justification for this. Full clip. 9m08s.
** Tucker Carlson: Here is the truth. Full clip. 19m50s.**
** Tucker: This video shatters the left’s narrative about January 6. Full clip. 5m16s.** January 6 Committee Lied About Cop’s Death! – Tucker Carlson Proves. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 6m05s. Tucker Carlson Exposes January 6 Committee’s Lies. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 27m56s. Capitol Cops Abandoned Their Own On January 6! – Tucker Reveals! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 9m38s. Chuck Schumer DEMANDS Fox News Silence Tucker Carlson. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 11m24s. Video: Feds Were ALL OVER The Capitol On January 6! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 19m37s.
** Tucker’s Blasting Of January 6th Repetitive Mind Control. Jon Bowne. End at 5:07.** FBI Caught DESTROYING EVIDENCE In J6 Trial, PROOF Feds Were Involved. Tim Pool. Full clip. 11m56s.
** J6 LIES ARE DONE, New Filing DEMANDS Mistrial After Feds CAUGHT Fabricating And DESTROYING Evidence – Timcast**
** FBI Caught DESTROYING EVIDENCE In J6 Trial, PROOF Feds Were Involved – TimcastIRL** Bill Gates’s Most AWKWARD Interview EVER!!! Russell Brand. Full clip. 13m45s.….html So I Went On Bill Maher And This Happened… Russell Brand discussing his experience on Bill Maher criticizing mainstream journalism. Full clip. 15m46s. RUSSELL BRAND EVISCERATES THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA MACHINE. Del Bigtree. Full clip. 5m21s. AGENDA 2030 – Dutch Farmers, Train Derailments, and EPA Land Grabs. Greg Reese. End at 5:02. China Warns Of War With U.S. Over Taiwan And Ukraine. Brian Wilson. End at 4:38. Is China Preparing to Cut Taiwan Off the Internet? | Vantage with Palki Sharma. Firstpost. Full clip. 5m10s. U.S. Special Forces Want to Use Deepfakes for Psy-Ops. Dioxins in best milk and Ukrainian connections to the J6 fiasco. W.T.Stead. Full clip. 19m12s.
SVB Collapse Tucker Carlson: This is the largest bank failure since 2008. Full clip. 15m30s. The Banking Collapse Has Begun. Greg Reese. End at 2:48. Jim Cramer Tells People To Buy Silicon Valley Bank’s Stock Just Before It Collapsed! Of Course! . Mark Dice. Full clip. 6m21s. RED ALERT: Ohio Dept Of Agriculture & EPA Look To Stop Farming… DEATH BLOW To USA Food Supply?! Tim Truth. Full clip. 17m12s. Jordan Peterson: This is an appalling situation and it will get worse. Tucker Carlson. Full clip. 5m47s.


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Philippe Wagner

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Tipped $5

Love what you guys do – always look forward to Sunday night! I was born in Europe and loved to the US after I got married to my wife. Don’t know how long I will be able to stay as vaxx is requirement for my greencard approval, despite me living here already. Never surrender?

Steveola251 Casebolt

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Tommy Reilly

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The twitter files are bias, remember when Taibbi dismissed the 9/11 truth movement. In his book “The Great Derangement: A Terrifying True Story of War, Politics, and Religion at the Twilight of the American Empire”.
Book is from 2009, he has three chapters, chapter 8 9/11, Chapter 10 the american left, chapter 12 the peace movement.

Nick The Sound Guy

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Hey folks! Sorry, been taking an info break the last couple of weeks. Sometimes I need some process time…

Jim Garrison

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Another GR8 show guys!!!


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E> E> E> E> E> E> E> E> E> E> E> E> E> E> E> E> E> E> E> E> E> E> pew pew pew E> E> E> E> E> E> E> E> E> E> E> digital love daggers E>E> E> E> E> E>E> E> E> E> E> hacker hearts E> E> E> E>

Lauri Quigley

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What about bank failures? What are your thoughts? Dollar done? Happening soon? Thanks !! Love you ALL!!!??

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SCSI “Scuzzy”

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Thank you all.

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