Grand Theft World Podcast 122 | How the West Was Stolen

by | Mar 7, 2023

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** REVOLT! This May Be THE END Of IT! End at 4:38. Play REVOLT! This May Be THE END Of IT! end at 11:48.** CRT Stirs Up ELEMENTARY School Violence | Kristi Leigh’s Daily Brief. Full clip. 6m39s.
** Does This Make You Want to Display the Ukraine Flag? | Kristi Leigh Daily Brief. Full clip. 5m57s.**

UKRAINE AND RUSSIA CIA “Havana Syndrome” Proven As 100% Hoax! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 12m34s. Justin Trudeau Gets RATIO’d Over Ukraine Funding. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 12m19s.
** Sean Penn Has COMPLETELY Lost His Mind Over Ukraine. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 16m59s.** Mediaite SMEARS Jimmy Dore For Telling Truth About Ukraine N@zis. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 18m05s. “Ukraine Can’t Win” – Say French & German Leaders In Private. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 11m30s. Pro-War Rally Gets GUSHING Coverage From Corporate Media! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 10m55s. Elites Ignore Will Of The People And Hand Over Billions More To Ukraine. Kim Iversen. Full clip. 25m26s. NATO Head Says “Ukraine Will Join Our Alliance”. Kim Iversen. Full clip. 20m50s.

VACCINES, LOCKDOWNS, AND THERAPEUTICS Celebrities DEMAND Hollywood End Vaxx & Mask Mandates! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 11m15s. Jon Stewart: I Faced “Swift” Backlash For Promoting Lab Leak Theory. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 14m19s. Colbert REALLY Doesn’t Want Lab Leak Theory To Be True! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 11m40s. 30% More Young People Now DYING Of Heart Attacks – New Study. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 11m18s. Shhh… Don’t Mention The Vaccines. Russell Brand discussing heart attacks in young people. Full clip. 16m02s. Video: When Gay Activists Hated Fauci & Stormed N.I.H. In 1990! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 10m36s.

Lab Release Theory U.S. Gov ADMITS Covid Originated In Wuhan Lab! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 14m15s. U.S. Government ADMITS Covid Likely Came From Lab. Another “Conspiracy Theory” Come True. Kim Iversen. Full clip. 28m28s. The conspiracy theorists were right. Paul Joseph Watson discussing the lab leak theory. Full clip. 8m13s.
** THE PANDEMIC PIPELINE: FROM COVID TO BIRD FLU. Jeffrey Jaxen. Full clip. 28m58s.** THE GREATEST LIES EVER TOLD. Del Bigtree’s opening monologue about the lab leak theory. Full clip. 10m15s.
** ‘Leftist media’ reacts to COVID lab leak origin. Sky News Australia. 2m03s.** Moderna Is Giving $400 Million In Vaxx Profits To The N.I.H.!?! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 6m11s. Gates Funded WHO Seeks Increased Pandemic Powers. Kim Iversen. Full clip. 20m19s.
** High Treason As WHO Subjugates The USA. Jon Bowne. End at 5:07.** EPISODE 309: BUSTED. The Jaxen Report. Play 36:14 – 1:13:28. Oh SHT, vaccine passports just got VERY real | Redacted with Clayton Morris*. Clayton Morris. Full clip. 18m23s. Dr. Martin Markay: The Greatest Perpetrator Of Misinfo During The Pandemic Has Been The US Gov’t. The Hill. Full clip. 9m17s.
** Woody Harrelson Tells Truth About COVID On SNL! – The Jimmy Dore Show**

INTERMISSION These Cards Predicted The Future… No Really. Jason Bermas. Full clip. 1h00m25s. How China Banned Soros in 1989 [A Canadian Patriot Press Film]. Matt Ehret. Full clip. 27m08s.
** Silencing a Hero – Terry Yeakey’s Death… FBI Cover-up? – UNSOLVABLE** A NOBLE LIE (Oklahoma City Bombing 1995 Documentary)
** Episode 140 – Requiem for the Suicided: Terrance Yeakey**
** State of Mind Writer’s Cut – CONFIDENTIAL – Tragedy and Hope**
** The Minds of Men | Official Documentary by Aaron & Melissa Dykes – Truthstream Media**

CULTURE Scott Adams is cancelled. Paul Joseph Watson. Full clip. 5m48s.
[’s-got-the-meme:5](’s-got-the-meme:5) Who’s got the meme? Paul Joseph Watson discussing Hershey’s new women’s day campaign. Full clip. 2m59s. The forgotten people. Paul Joseph Watson discussing Great Britain’s homeless problem. Full clip. 2m10s.
[’s-talking-about.:8](’s-talking-about.:8) He has no idea what he’s talking about. Paul Joseph Watson discussing Kamala Harris’ husband Dough Emhoff talking about toxic masculinity. Full clip. 3m07s. THE MESSAGE is failing. Paul Joseph Watson discussing woke advertising failures to manipulate the culture. Full clip. 2m55s. Equity: The Thief of Human Potential – Thomas Sowell. Thomas Sowell. Full clip. 16m07s.

TECHNOLOGY, ECONOMICS, AND POLITICS FIGHT BACK! – Safety Committees of the Revolution. Greg Reese. End at 4:57. Arizona Voter Fraud Reveals Our Government Is Far More Corrupt Than We Realize. Jon Bowne. End at 6:24. NEW TREND: Power Grid Attacks Growing in the U.S. Brian Wilson. End at 4:12.

Justin Trudeau Trudeau Is The Divisive Tyrant He Warned Us About 10 YEARS AGO! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 10m47s. Trudeau Is A Plant Of Globalists & Economic Elites. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 9m33s. Douglas Murray Smacks Down Justin Trudeau & His Corrupt Media! Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 5m58s. Trudeau Cries “Racism!” To Defend Corrupt Chinese Political Donations. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 14m42s.

East Palestine Rail Workers’ RADICAL Idea To Save The Railroads. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 27m05s. Video: Dead Deer & Toxic Chemicals in East Palestine River. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 13m53s. It Was OBAMA’s Deregulation That Caused East Palestine Disaster – Says Wash Post. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 4m36s.
** Magnitude of dioxins that got out into the air as a result of the handling of the Ohio train incident (TLAV Clip) – W.T. Stead** Biden Tells Bizarre Story About Nurse Breathing On Him. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 5m58s. How Much Does Chicago Hate Mayor Lori Lightfoot? Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 17m24s. Pelosi’s Daughter Says George W. Bush Is A “Father Figure”. Jimmy Dore. Full clip. 6m31s. Biden’s AG Targets Average Americans While Ignoring Migrant Child Trafficking. Kim Iversen. Full clip. 26m14s.

COMEDY, UFO’S, PSYCHEDELICS, AND OUTRO VIDEOS “WE AREN’T ALONE” | Brand New UFO Footage Revealed with Jeremy Corbell. Russell Brand. Full clip. 17m54s. Guardsman Joe Gets A Little Too Curious About Chaos. Edwin Von Carstein. Full clip. 1m48s. The IMPORTANCE of SHAME. WhatsHerFace. Full clip. 4m32s. Egg dealing is a thing now! – AwakenWithJP Media Melts Down Over Woody Harrelson – JP Reacts

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