Grand Theft World Podcast 106 | Fortifying the Selection

by | Nov 14, 2022

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Thanks again to all our GTW members and big thanks to tonight’s Rokfin tippers:

Matt Greene

Tipped $5

Rich dropping F bombs nice and early… Love it!


Tipped $20

every sunday when I attempt to type “rokfin” into the browser, i somehow end up typing “rolfin” which is a cream for fungal nail infections.

Paul Mozina

Tipped $50

Thank you, I really appreciate you guys — always learn a lot from your investigations and reporting.

Tommy Reilly

Tipped $5

Cyberpunk 2020 is a great metaphor for the future it seems they are building like Cyberpsychosis, 1. Immune Response – The body rejects the implant, causing scar tissue to continue growing to the point that it causes pain and inflammation of surrounding tissue as well as possible interference with the tech’s electrical circuits. Netflix ran an anime on the topic

Thomas Hutchinson

Tipped $10

You guys are the best!

Dallas of ODD

Tipped $5

Thank you for this amazing interview with Hector (badass) Berrellez this provides the contextual history needed for our One Nation Under Blackmail book-club. Poor Kiki died for nothing, that’s fucked up.

Denver Attaway

Tipped $2

23 year-old Democratic Party staffer Everett Beauregard was killed the same way Seth Rich likely met his end. Police say the motive may be a robbery, but nothing was even attempted to be taken from the victim….then video surfaced. He was 1) democratic staffer, 2) operations processor for wells fargo 3) Temple Grad. All coverage neglects those first 2 characteristics in favor of “temple grad”

Eugene Braverman

Tipped $100

Thank you for another great show guys!

Question for Richard: Which Trivium and Quadrivium books / study guides would you recommend for a home schooling program?

Thank you!

Nick Heys

Tipped $2

The finest jokes, The spiciest guests, Books & banter, Richard’s vests, Laurence’s beard, Tony’s stubble, Looking sharp, Stay out of trouble.

Thanks for another great episode gentlemen

Matt Greene

Tipped $5

no F-bombs yet.. but that interview was great. @LD how about a “this ain’t grand theft auto” with a “you don’t even have to think about it” chaser?

a rem

Tipped $50

Gerardo Tappan

Tipped $5

Anything to help the show RIP to Gary Webb, it wasn’t his time to go Don’t put me in jail for doing a little blow I will feed my brain GTW, and learn from Tony, LD, and Richard Grove

F Fitz

Tipped $10

Thank you LD/VB and all.

ross guy

Tipped $5

Andrew Ray

i love this show

Grant D

Thank you for another very well produced show. Great job GTW. ❤️💛🧡💚💜💙🖤🤎🤍💖💓💝 All the love. Laterz

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