Grand Theft World Podcast 100 | The Great Narrative

by | Oct 3, 2022

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Huge thanks to everyone in the Grand Theft World Community and big thanks to our Rokfin tippers tonight!

Dallas of ODD

Tipped $10

Happy 100th epidosde of GTW! A beautiful day and a beautiful hello to beautiful people. It’s a public holiday here (Queen’s birthday 😂) and we got the day off work to listen in the garden while we enjoy the sunshine. Here’s to another 100 episodes. Long live more public holidays!

Grant D

Tipped $10

Sending $10 times 10 to the power of 💝 Congratulations GTW


Tipped $5

100 ! keep em coming guys. & meet me at west broadway and barclay – on odysee.

R Lewis

Tipped $5

Thank you GTW! You’ve brought clarity to the dread brought by these Huns in these hundred shows. Love from Muskoka Ontario

Tommy Reilly

Tipped $2

Friendly remainder that Ukraine, Poland and Britain signed a trilateral agreement before the invasion Yet no-one is talking about the anglo Saxons and how Morawiecki was at Oxford with Boris Johnson

Tommy Reilly

Tipped $2

Hey LD, I got my polish figures wrong Radosław Sikorski was at Oxford with boris and deleted a tweet saying “Thanks US” with pic of Nord bubbles in the Baltics. Also he married to Anne Applebaum of the Atlantic Counsel. Just rather believe that a non state actor


Tipped $10

Congrats on 100 incredibly informative and entertaining episodes. Also congrats on getting on! Much love. -Scott

Ksenia Maffey

Tipped $5

Gary Snyder

Tipped $50

Best show on the interwebs! Props from the Burgh. Food for the brain.

Tommy Reilly

Tipped $2

Hey Richard, Aubrey Tang is more important to the internationals than Harari as she helped to create the pattern of daily briefing to the citizens during covid in Taiwan as the digital minister, that Zelensky and his admin know using in Ukraine. But here’s a link to Harari conversation with Tang

Chris Youngblood

Tipped $10

GTW is always a Fantastic Voyage. Love y’all.

Denver Attaway

Tipped $2

Democratic Staffer, 23 – executed on the streets of Philly – no robbery attempt took place. This was premeditated murder for some unknown reason. Resembles a hit and almost all news coverage neglects how he was a current democratic staffer for Congressman Boyle of PA, instead news characterizes him as , “Temple Grad” or “Former Student”

Jim Garrison

Tipped $5

“This ain’t no party…. This ain’t no disco… This ain’t no fooling around…. No CBGBs, No god-damn scabes… I ain’t got time for that now…” Talking Heads


Tipped $5

Thank you GTW crew.


Tipped $10

#100 !!!!!!!!! GTW you have made a positive impact on me, and many others. Thank you for beaming through these last 2.5 years <3

Lauri Quigley

Tipped $5

Thanks for all of the work you all put in !! Very appreciated!! Much love to ALL!!💛✨

Matt Greene

Tipped $100

as a GTW community member, I loved the John Taylor Gatto interview, as well as the Michael Badnarik freedom course. I watch both all the way through.. Here’s to 100 more GTW podcasts on Rokfin!

T Can

Tipped $5

Thanks GTW

Shane Theriault

Tipped $5

Taaaaaaake it..

VERY safe US Biolabs

Tipped $10

Happy 100th episode gentlemen. Looking forward to 100 more !! #BoycottPaypal #BoycottIsrael

Nick Heys

Tipped $20

Grand theft world is 100 shows old, Serving up the hot news, the flow is never cold, Inspiring reliance on textual evidence, Diving in, going deep, never hesitant, Forensic analysis with comedic intent, Content and clips, questioning the gubment, Driggs, Myers & Grove, excellent to the core, Here’s hoping and praying for ONE HUNDRED SHOWS MORE

ross guy

Tipped $2

interesting if true

hey Rich.. Jay Dyer mentioned in the clip last week about needing a way to organize large amounts of info.. got me thinking your brain model could be a tool for that. what if he had a brain model that was a link in your brain model.. and others also had a node link in yours to their own brain model?

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