Grand Theft World Podcast 040 The Impact of Science on Society

by | Aug 11, 2021

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INTRODUCTION CREEPY! This Goes DEEPER Than We Know! Luke Rudkowski talking about the news for the week. End at 4:42 and play end at 16:14. Buckle Up! The DESIGNED Crash Is Starting. Luke Rudkowski talking about the protests and government infrastructure bill. End at 7:18. YouTube Pirate Streams – #SolutionsWatch. Start […]





  • Michael Crichton | States of Fear: Science or Politics? This is a video I took from the gtw-clip-consideration channel. This is an old talk and old video from Michael Crichton talking about fear, politics, and control. End at 52:11. Shout out to James Jordan for providing this timestamp.
  • AND
  • The Evil Twins Of Technocracy And Transhumanism. Patrick Wood talking about technocracy and transhumanism. This is a fantastic video. Patrick Wood is a little Jesus-y, but besides his conspicuous belief in the bible being a born again Christian and Evangelist, this is a fantastic critique of technocracy and transhumanism. After the intermission is over we can talk about Auguste Comte, his influence on Herbert Spencer, and the X Club in the late 19th century. End at 35:08
  • AND
  • MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL. A fantastic montage of much of his work in the psychology of mass psychosis produced by After Skool. If we’re pressed for time we’ll forgo this video since it’s stuff we’ve already presented before, but if we have time I do suggest we provide it for the time capsule. Full clip. 21m48s.


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