Grand Theft World Podcast 084 | A S.A.D.S. State of Affairs

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Sean Tobin Tipped $5 Has anyone ever looked into any roll that Epstein may have played in furthering the COV-19 op? Rather odd the level of interest he had in science, scientists and his brand of “philanthropy”. He had, supposedly, a lab and baby birthing ranch in his New Mexico compound. Never been raided /searched by law enforcement… to this day, far as we know. I only ask because of how tight he & Gates were.

Sean Tobin Tipped $5 AND: ALL of the DEMOCRACIES that have direct links to the UK/British Crown (Canada, Australia) have gone totalitarian. “Mums” the word from the Queen on that… because she and the now deceased Prince Phillip fully support this globalist sponsored attack upon humanity. I would argue they have been using these other societies as testing grounds for numerous nefarious purposes for quite a while now.



  1. John Doe

    What is Woke Culture or Wokeism ??

    It is the “new” black vs white, or Muslims vs Christians or Chinese vs Europeans.

    Why do we need a new way to divide and conquer??

    Because black vs white is too black and white, you end up with a divide in society, but the blacks get united together, and so do the whites.. not enough fragmentation in society.

    Woke Culture is on a continuously evolving spectrum, and what is woke today, is not woke tomorrow. So, forever divided society and endless fragmentation.

    Why does woke “live” predominantly in universities and schools?

    Because, those who can’t do, teach… in another way, majority of teachers and professors (not all) are spineless and cowards and that’s why they end up not doing the work, but prefer to teach it, as it is less risk of failure. In a coward society, people will shy away from saying “that’s crazy talk what you uttering”, and those people tend to node their head, and retaliate in passive aggressive way of doubling down on you.

    Bravery appears to be the antidote for woke culture.

    So, what does this mean??

    I am so impressed by how smart Mr. Global is, i am beginning to question myself for not joining this genius. Sad but true.

    Keep up the good work GTW team.. I love what you are doing…

  2. John Doe

    The Gay Issue??

    I have many friends who are gay. Some are in denial, some are in the closet, and some are out and proud.

    I am not gay, but, just as the population has about 5-6 % psychopaths, I am sure there is a % of the population who have crossed wires that makes them gay. I too have crossed wires, they make me think more than the average guy. (crossed wires in my book means hormone distribution, which is linked to your genes and the Microbiome, both are inherited from your parents and the environment you live in.)

    Gay is not new phenomena to the society, and does not make you a women. All you need to do is, google “Was Julius Caesar gay?” and you will see my point.

    However, recently, I see Mr. Global is driving the gay and trans agenda strongly around the world..

    I know Mr. Global always has a plan, and a simulation, with the end results getting “him” more control over resources.

    In the Gay agenda (LGBTQA etc etc), I don’t know what the end result is… if anyone out there knows, please share.

    I know there must be a simulation. and i think the simulation has been taking place in the far east (mainly because it is a maternal society, so easier to deploy). I think Thailand and Philippines are ground zero for the Gay agenda simulation for Mr. Global. I will go as far as, in the Philippines, chemicals (hormones) must have been used to give woman the need to fill the mans role in their community. For anyone who says, it is an Asian thing, then I will say visit Vietnam (next door to both) to see they are more manly than you are.

    I have nothing to confirm or deny this apart from observation and gut feel. Both observation and gut feel severed me very well in the many past years.


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