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  1. Guest43

    Do your own research to prove Richard Grove is correct or face banishment? Who is more independent: those who would apply the Trivium to the Trivium itself or those who woukd follow it like it was a religion?

  2. Martin

    Q: If the Trivium method of critical thinking can be used to master any subject in less than 2.5 years, why is it being used solely on conspiracy theories and not, say, the creation of a free energy machine?
    A: Critical thinking only works in one direction.

  3. John Doe

    Society according to Mr. Global…

    I have been thinking long and hard about this, and i think i have come up with something, but let us call it first draft, as I have not figured out all the bugs.

    So, what should society looks like under Mr. Global Rule… I think we already have an example, as Mr. Global does not engage in anything without study and simulation first..

    I believe the simulation is the state of Israel. here is how I see it. (for this to work, Zionism is looked on as a “new” religion that does not have to do anything with any previous religion. a new concatenation.

    1- 0.1% of population are Zionists, who are the ruling class. (many previously Muslim country rulers have joined this class around the world)
    2- 0.9 of the population will be the administrators. (the class that are people facing, who would lie, cheat and kill to subdue the population. – they can be any religion they want).
    3- 5% of the population are fundamentalists, indirectly finance and supported by the state. (in Israel, it would be ultra right Jews, and Muslim Brotherhood / Hamas). Their job is stair trouble and create hate within the population.
    4- 94% are the rest of the population. They are majority normal balanced people with with secular views, who just want to live and have a peaceful life. They are Jews, Muslims, Christians and other world religion. However, they are also “the society”, which is employed by the Police, Army, Doctors, Teachers, etc, and if they don’t toe the line, they have their live stopped, by cutting their livelihood.

    So, the 0.9% tell us what to do, the 5% makes us hate each other, and the 94% will have sleepless nights worrying how many Jews killed how many Muslims today. if that fails, then how many White people killed Black people today.

    This is how i would do it… What do you think??

    • John Doe

      A question that came to my mind and I am sure will come into yours is… Why would the 0.1% need a religion at all, Zionism or otherwise… here is my answer.

      0.1% is the elite of the elite, but they are still humans. and “Man” needs a religion, even if it is man made (atheists head priest is science), just like we need music, and it is man made.

      Only GOD does not need religion.

      I believe in the 0.1%, there will be a tiny number, who see themselves as GOD (they don’t need religion, as they make it themselves.)

      GTW team. You are doing great.. keep it up. love your work.

  4. Rolla J Stout

    Bill Gates and Elon Musk. The two sides of the technocratic vice.

  5. Dave Karney

    We all belueve in something. Belief systems are the operating software running in the background. Mr Global’s running on Microsoft Windiws Satan



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