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  1. Thomas Veigel Dr.

    Hi Richard,

    Is there an update of your brain?

    Best regards


  2. Dave Karney

    Been having problems with be able to post comments

  3. John Doe

    Never Do Business With Family (how deep does the brainwashing goes??)

    if you search for above quote, you will be surprised with how many articles and people state such message..

    But if you look at reality, you will see majority of the 1% is family business. What gives??

    Example, all the royal families around the world is family business. if we consider the people who are running things in the USA is Family business (the Clinton, the Bush, the Rothschild, etc.) Mr. Global no doubt has family involved, only if we knew who Mr. Global is ha ha ha.

    So, why oh why there is so much negative about doing business with family and friends??

    It is simple strategy from Mr. Global, and the essence of brainwashing.

    Whenever Mr. Global finds something that works effectively, they spend a lot of energy and cash to make it unattractive for the masses, to stop them coming in and competing with Mr. Global. So, family works very well in gaining power.. so, family must be destroyed for everyone else.

    another example happening right now is money laundering. Money laundering is very effective way to gain power. So, sweeping the world as I type are money laundering rules enforced by central banks around the world to stop people laundering money. (or in the future, support each other with money, just as people tried to do in Canada truck thing). The only people allowed to launder money are the ruling class, who do it all the time.

    So, in summary. If something is good and working well, then the brainwashing machine of Mr. Global will outlaw it. The only people who are allowed to do family business or launder money right now are Mr. Global and his family and friends.)

    So, I guess, my point here is.. The next time you hear or see something that does not add up normally, example “family and business don’t mix”, then stop, evaluate it for yourself, and expect it to be brainwashing until you can prove to yourself it is not.

    “power corrupts, and absolute power, corrupts absolutely” is another statement that I believe “marketed” by Mr. Global. He/they hold absolute power, but they don’t want anyone else to hold similar power.

    So.. Start by questioning everything you take for granted.

    GTW team, you doing very good job.. Keep it up.

  4. Nihilo Nostrum

    Society is like this: An individual obeys the laws of Newtonian mechanics but a group acquires the nature of a probabilistic process. You guys sound like Margaret Thatcher.

  5. John Doe

    Logic…. I may need the Logic professor to help with this issue….

    I hear so many people, almost on a daily bases accusing the “Jews” to be behind all the ill in the world. So, let us use logic and examine this and try to understand it.

    So, the first thing that comes into mind. If the “Jews” where in control of all this… Would they allow their small population be in constant fighting with the “Arabs”, and allow them (by funding both sides) to kill and terrorize each other on a daily bases??

    My limited logic would answer… Off course not.. you would protect said group, and even make them live on an “Elysium” style environment.

    So, what gives… my answer is simple.. Mr. Global can only exists on Humanities contradictions and differences. So, you find the most hated “white” people (jews), and get them fighting with the most “religious” people (arabs). This ensures that the rest of the world will be busy fighting and supporting teams at a base level, and distract humanity from the real evil.

    This also tells us that Mr. Global does not believe in any of the world religions, as he chosen the cradle of all religions to be the ground zero of the fight (but i guess it is needed to ensure it is an attractive fight).

    It is not different to getting the “white” man to fight with the “black” man, and get society busy with that. even though, science says they all came from east Africa ha ha ah.

    So, what is the root cause.. simple… brainwashing… you fix brainwashing, and you are more that 50% on your way to solving the problem.

  6. Dave Karney

    Mr. Global is acting like a typical/hypocritical parent: do as I say, not as I do

  7. David H

    Hi GTW.
    I love theses videos there’s so much valuable information in every one of them, I do however have a slight issue,
    When one of you is explaining some valuable information or fact the other has a habit of talking over the point being made resulting in the loss of the information.
    All the Best.

  8. Lionheart Luke

    neither vivaldi nor waterfox are allowing me to play the video anymore. Anyone else having problems? this has happened to me a few times over the last month or so


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