Grand Theft World Podcast 074 | World Government Summit

by | Apr 4, 2022 | 9 comments

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  1. Dave Karney

    It seems like a pandemic of cyber attacks(Cyber Polygon) is in deck. How do we prepare ourselves and warn the normies? I know JD has some ideas…..

    • John Doe

      Hi Dave,

      I am still laughing at big brain Richard at minute 37:50, jokingly saying that he worries when he sees everyone wearing the same outfit during speeches… ha ha ha ha…

      Welcome to my world… ha ha ha

      off course, I know Richard understands that national dress for those countries is a white thooob/kandora (dress) and white ghoutra (head cloth). Try to be in a mosque at any given time… ha ha ha ha..

      I must admit, it made me look at crowds from a different prospective. ha ha ha ha

      So, cyber attacks… yes they have been going on for that last 5 years (at military level), with increasing intensities between 6 countries.. USA, Europe and Israel on one side, and Russia, China, Iran on the other side.

      Is it going to over spell into civilian life.. history says it must.

      What is the plan… I don’t know… but i think it is good to learn about the “dark web” and “dark fiber”, while the resources are still accessible. at this stage.. just learn about the concept, and find the exists.

      I enjoy your participation Dave.

  2. John Doe

    Anyone seen Free Guy (2021) – IMDb the movie…

    If i have learnt anything from JC (not Jesus Christ, James Corbett), is predictive programming is part of the brainwashing that leads to control (and also leads to sensible men calling males “females” – you get punched for that were i live.)

    In this movie, Mr. Global ( i mean Hollywood), is trying to tell you that A.I. is likely to “appear” conscious in the coming years. This means that they already have an A.I. that is able to appear conscious in the lab, and probably operating as those facebook and tweeter users that are real oddballs. oh, and you should love this A.I…

    So, how soon do we have to have dogs sniff people to make sure they are not “machines”… i ponder, but not far.

    GTW team.. you are doing great… keep up the good work.

  3. Dave Karney

    As I do yours JD…..I haven’t seen 99.99% of all movies so I’ll pass on this one as well but the message us clear….

    What role does satanism play in Mr. Global’s life? He wants to take out Russia which has a large amount of Christian Orthodox Churches along with turning Israel’s population into lab rats for Pfizer. Aren’t the Jews God’s chosen people?

    • John Doe

      Interesting question Dave, I have never thought about the religion Mr. Global follows:.. Ok, here is me thinking as I type (which is always a bad plan).

      – Mr. Global is most likely a “group of like minded” people, that’s the only reason it can span across 100’s of years.
      – Mr. Global will need a “glue” to keep this group of “like minded people” together. It is not going to be religion as we know it.. It has to be something else.
      – Mr. Global understands, or most likely “identified” that religion is the “opium” of the masses, so naturally, it is one of his tools of control and brainwashing (and I mean all religions on earth)
      – Mr. global “does not suffer fools”, so he/it does not believe in super natural or satanism or Scientology or the other crazy stuff. His job is to invent those new things to use them for control. so, satanism is just another tool in the bag.
      – I think.. very speculative, Mr. Global is highly attuned to human nature, as in he can very well read people “using” tools. That will include all members of Mr. Global. But, I still think there will be an alpha person in charge, might be elected, but there must be an elected captain that embodies the group thinking (could they have cracked telepathy??)

      overall.. I don’t think Mr. Global wants to take out Russia or take out Europe. I think this is a repeat of WW2.. As in, Mr. Global will support both sides, and give finance to both. One side will win, which means Mr. Global will win, but the sweet deal is, both sides will continue to pay debts to Mr. Global for the next 50 years at least.

      What surprises me is, Mr. Global is not very original, and he replays the same tricks over and over again…

      What surprises me even more is, the bell curve of humanity is sooooooo dumb, they fall for the same trick over and over again.. It is like, fool me once is not good enough, you have to fool me again and again until I am broke, dead and my whole family is indebted to you..

      I know Mr. Global spends $$ on brainwashing, but ultimately, he might be the reason for our misery, but it is OUR responsibility to deal with it and get out of this mess.

  4. Dave Karney

    You never disappoint JD, that’s a lot of food for thought.

    I’m around a lot of Jesus Freaks so I constantly hear about how what’s going on is biblical/end of days, the QR code is the mark of the beast and Satan himself is Mr. Global. A number of guests on GTW have said they were never religious but now have come closer to God.

    Clearly Mr. Global is the embodiment of evil. The child trafficking, pedophilia , wars/genocides coupled with the experimental synthetic chemical pathogen producing gene therapy shots are anti-life…

    • John Doe

      You make a lot of interesting points Dave… I fully understand people going to “dark” places when under pressure, and when they “don’t know” the whole story. It is like, if you show someone from the year 1500 a mobile phone, they will think it is magic made by satan or god.

      I agree, Mr. Global appears to be the embodiment of evil, but it could also be just part of the “predictive programming” Mr. Global injected into us.

      Mr. Global is great at playing with human contradictions. For example, in the times of the Romans and the Greeks, homosexuality was everywhere, because it is part of human nature to want to dominate by force, and sexual dominance is in our genes. At the time, majority of people engaged in homosexuality not because “they are gay”, it was just accepted part of humanity and essential to showing your dominance (your pecking order in the group). Religion came, and they banned it, just like they banned majority of sex for population control. Mr. Global plays similar tricks all the time.

      Child trafficking is no difference. we as humans, are genetically programmed to be “interested” in teenagers as they approach adulthood. You can double check this yourself. Next time you are sitting in a coffee shop, and a teen walks by, who is developed and showing it, you will see majority of men steal a stare. (90% are not even aware they are doing it, or they plan to do anything about it, but we are by nature driven to it.) A bit like a big busted women, we all stare without knowing sometimes, but only a few will even think (i wanna grab those ha ha ha )

      So, the “interest” in pedophilia is in all of us. and it is on a scale, like everything else in humans. All Mr. Global did was, make it “illegal”, and then use it as method of control. yet another tool in the bag of control.

      it is fun engaging with you DK.

  5. John Doe

    Allow me to be the devil’s advocate today….

    We keep livestock (sheep, cows, pigs, etc), and we fatten them up, then butcher them and eat them for substance.

    We do this because livestock does not show any resistance, and some will go as far as saying, they enjoy it, and we are doing them a favor.

    So, large majority of us, have no problem with butchering and eating livestock or seafood, or any other living organism. Majority of us don’t even waste brain cycles thinking about it.. it is as natural is breathing.

    So, humanity, as it is on a scale, is divided into a bell curve.

    over 80% of this bell curve are living no different to livestock. They are happy being fattened up, and then shoved into war, or labor, or experimented on. They all have at the back of their mind that something is not 100%, but they play along anyways.

    less than 10% are big brained people, similar to Mr.Rhodes, or Mr.Global or whoever was behind the East India Company, dutch or otherwise. They are thinking organism, and constantly working and planning to gain power and make things better for themselves.

    Question is. Is it wrong for the 10% that are “aware” to consume the 80% that appear to be “unaware”, for substance.

    after all, we are all guilty of doing the same with livestock.. What is the difference here??

    to be honest… I can’t find an answer to this, and if Mr. Global hits me with this argument, today, i have to give in..

    everyone reading this, if you have an answer to this, please write it below to help me and help others.

    Big brains Richard.. Are you able to answer this??

  6. Daniel

    Do you guys ever link the false flag climate crisis narrative with the ongoing geoengineering weather manipulation?



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