Grand Theft World Podcast 072 | Laptop Leak Unleashed

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  1. John Doe

    Great work GTW team, I have not seen the video yet, but I am sure it is going to be best performance.

    I think, with my small brain, I have finally figured out what is happening in the Ukraine and Russia.

    Mr. Global via WEF, USA, Europe have been pushing towards a one world government, ever since the 1990.

    Mr. Putin (and old guards), and Mr. ChiComs did not want a one world government, as they will lose their power.

    Everyone involved knew the game, and were getting prepared for it since the 1990. Mr. Putin kept developing weapons (and he has great ones), Mr. ChiComs have been building wealth and weapons)

    USA kept pushing via NATO and the big push was planned 25 Feb 2022, as Ukraine NeoNazi’s planned to attack the two republics in the Ukraine, and hence be on the border, and possible beyond the border of Russia.

    Mr. Putin and Mr. ChiComs played the game of “we don’t want a confrontation”, until the last minute to enable them to prepare.

    On the 24th of Feb 2022, Mr. Putin realized that he will have to go to war with the penis he has. No more time for preparation.. It is all or nothing.

    Now things will unfold. Mr. Putin and Mr. ChiComs want a multi pole world, with Russia, China, India and “Arabs” a possible power along side the West. 5 or 6 poles world.

    The West lead by Mr. Global wants a single world government.

    One side will win, and the other side will surrender… we just have to wait for things to unfold…

    Things like…

    Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Romania might be eating up from the Russian side.

    Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines, Japan might be gobbled up by ChiComs.

    “Arabs” could eat each others land to make a big “Arab” nation..

    I think that’s the plan, and this could take few years to achieve, during which hundreds of millions will die of hunger and cold, which works perfectly for the Eugenics agenda.

    as they say… Win Win Win… (sarcasm – is it working??)

    • FtheNWO

      You are aware that Putin is a WEF member ?

      It’s all smoke and mirrors, there is no east or west and ther is no states.

      These are just constructs in the minds of people to lead them astray from whats really going on.

  2. JaymeBug

    Ha! Richard, when Matthew Ehret referenced Kepler during your fascinating interview with him, I was like “hey! I know Kepler!” As someone who has studied harmonics in relationship to ceremonial magic, sacred geometry and healing modalities, his name and renderings came up a time or two in my journeys. So at least one member of your viewing audience has heard of Kepler! Thank you for giving us the vote of confidence, regardless of our supposed lack of exposure to Kepler’s contributions. I hope this further reassures you of our capacity. What an excellent episode!

  3. Lou e

    Yo bubbas While not on the subject of Stalin might consume ‘The Chief Culprit’ by Viktor Suvorov…..change the way you look at WWII. Lovely work almost miss living in SE Connecticut….

  4. Dave Karney

    Great analysis JD. Do you think Mr. Global is pushing Russia and the Chi-Coms to use cyber attacks(cyber polygon) to usher in The Going Direct Reset and a license to use the internet?

    • John Doe

      Hey Dave, Hope you well… and thanks for complement…

      To be honest, I don’t know enough about “The Going Direct Reset” but I think you mean putting the “Iron Curtain” up to segregate the poles.

      I think that has to happen, as you and i can still access RT website direct and get their “propaganda” today, which goes against the new “freedom of speech” deployed by the “Land Of The Free”. (is this what they call double speak??)

      So, “Iron Curtain”, will slowly go up and will cover everything. no exchanged news (already happened), No money exchange (already happened), no travel (to happen), no sharing of beer (to come soon), no sharing of internet (slowly happening).

      My guess, there will be at least 2 silos, possibly three when it comes to the internet, separated by a firewall of A.I. bots and hardwired cut off switch.

      off course… I keep waking up and hoping all of this is a dream, but then I see the news and hope all my reading into this is wrong.

  5. Marianne Hyatt

    Would love to know more info, or be directed toward past episodes, on the subject of Britain’s 19th C. indoctrination of AgitPop youth, Such appreciation for the weekly gobsmacking revelations! Keep on truckin’ !!


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