Grand Theft World Podcast 070 | State of Dis-Union

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  1. Bobby Hunter

    Why do so many of my comments disappear? Am I tripping a spam filter? If so, what am I doing that causes this?

  2. Bobby Hunter

    @ 2:37:00 Joe Rogan is friends with Michael Shermer, who is “former” CIA and probably a mockingbird. That might explain his resistance to conspiracy theories.

  3. John Doe

    I think i know what Mr. Putin is up to.. this is pure guess work, but a lot of logic gone to supports it….

    I think Mr. Putin will liberate the two breakaway republics, destroy the Ukraine military ability like airbases, destroy biological labs and destroy nuclear bomb making ability, and then exit the scene.

    Mr. Putin achieved all in the list above, and one of the breakaway republic got liberated today, and the other within 2 days. I suspect Mr. Putin will withdraw before the weekend.

    That’s why his 60km military convoy is taking 5 days to cross 60km. it is a slight of hand.. (look at this hand, while i trick you with other).

    In a week time, with all the weapons from the west and the weapons distributed by Ukraine government, and the release of all the prisoners. The West will have a civil war in the Ukraine to deal with… (neo Nazi problem solved.)

    That Mr. KGB is one smart MF.

    • Rolla J Stout

      00:30:00 (2)

    • John Doe

      I think I might be wrong above…

      The situation changed completely, “1984” was just born. Mr. Putin, and Russia has nothing to lose now, and everything to gain by eating up as much land with resources as possible.

      I really don’t know and can’t guess what will happen next. we are in uncharted waters now..

      Taiwan has to be on the chopping block this week or next… I think South Korea will also be gobbled up..

  4. John Doe

    a very sad day, and the beginning of an era…

    The world has changed today……

    I normally wake up, and tune to BBC, CNN and RT to get the news from all side, and then use critical thinking to be able to arrive at the true news.

    Today, the company that have “Do No Evil” as their motto, decided to block RT and anyone giving you the other side of the the story from YouTube Globally.

    Google and YouTube are engaging in censorship, that is against their own profit, which means they are not doing it to make money. They are doing it because they have to follow the line or else.

    This officially introduces the new “1984” map of the world. I live in Oceania, and therefore, I will only get propaganda from Big Brother… People living in Euroasia under Putin will only get Big Putin propaganda, and EastAsia will do ChiComs, so no change their.

    In fact, there is no change for the Russian People or the Chinese people, as they never had democracy or freedom of speech or human rights, so for them, status Que.

    For us living under the Oceania “flag”, will have worst impact ever. From today on, democracy has died, and Freedom of speech is put on freeze, and human rights violations started in Canada already. We lost everything in under a month… how did this happen??

    It is not long now before we start losing all alternative news in Oceania, and we have to find an alternative way to stay as a group… I don’t know how this will look..

    But, I will not be surprised if GTW gets blocked globally. i think that will be the next move… they will block any alternative news from the Domain Name systems (DNS), and unless we know the actual IP addresses, we will not be able to reach you guys anymore…. it is time to educate yourself about the Dark Web.

    Keep up the good work GTW team… You matter, I matter, we all matter, otherwise, they will not bother with censorship…..

    • John Doe

      Hey GTW admin… is the IP address a static or dynamic address for you??

  5. Bobby Hunter

    Richard and crew,

    Please look at the Geopolitics and Empire Podcast. I won’t post a link because that always gets my posts deleted 🙁 The latest podcast is titled “Ed Calderon: Mexico Has Become Proxy Battleground in New Cold War.” Also listen to the episode “Oswaldo Zavala: Cartels Don’t Exist.”

    According to them, the media is lying about the cartels and the whole thing is just a cover for the Mexican government to seize land for mining.

    • Bobby Hunter

      Forgot to mention … they also claim the last several Mexican presidents have all been CIA puppets.



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