Grand Theft World Podcast 068 | Bay of Rigs

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Patrick Wood previous interview with Patrick:


PROMO BLO BACK GALLERY 3mins WIth Intro by Richard





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  1. John Doe

    So.. How does Mr. Global execute his evil plans.. It all sounds far fetched and unbelievable (you say..)

    Here is a hypothetical scenario, that I am 99% sure did take place 10 years ago….. (there are many documented cases for what I list below, but you need a mind to connect the dots.)

    Mr. Global has few countries that are obstacles to the “great reset” they need to be broken and rebuilt. for example, Syria and Iraq (Iran to follow..)

    so, how would this be executed on the ground… here it goes..

    1- Mr. Global has very few assets in the intelligence community (CIA, MI6 and the equivalent in European countries.). Mr. Global instructs one of them, but never directly, to facilitate fighters to go to destroy said countries, in this case Syria.

    2- an intelligence contact would start contacting few of his peers in Europe, for example Belgium, and start fueling the racist, bigoted fight between local intelligence officers and the community. In this case the north African community in Belgium.

    3- Belgium have a large north african community, with a majority of none assimilated young “fighting” age men (barriers created not to allow them to assimilate, in order to use them in the future – long term planning). there are many reservoirs in Europe, for example, France, Spain, Sweden, Norway…)

    4- the Belgium native people (especially the police) hate the north African community and the reverse is also true, due to barriers in assimilation.

    5- At the same time, Muslim preachers on the payroll of Muslim Brotherhood (who are dancing to the tune of Mr. Global at the highest of levels), have ensured the north African never assimilate, and when the time comes, they brainwash them to go and kill themselves and innocent Syrian people in the name of Islam (funny thing is.. they are all Muslims ha ha ha). Muslim preacher thinks he is doing gods work.

    6- Belgium Police and security state turns a blind eye to the preacher network that’s organizing this mercenary army to send to ISIS, and at the same time prevent them from ever coming back (Mr. Global does not ask them to do this, but the hate between the two communities because they never assimilated creates this outcome.). Belgium native police officer thinks he is doing patriot work.

    7- Results… Syria is destroyed after 10 years war between ISIS, Muslim brotherhood and Syrian people..

    8- Bonus: Muslim nations around the world hate USA because they think they enabled ISIS. Which is a perfect card to play for future conflict, and to destroy USA to facilitate the birth of the “Great Reset”. (you have to break few eggs to create an omelette – Mr. Global must love omelettes.)

    GTW team.. you are doing great, and I am happy the old format is back.

  2. Bobby Hunter

    What is the best way to tell you guys about videos, podcasts and books that I find in my travels around the internet? I’m not on Twitter or Facebook.

  3. John Doe

    The Godfather movie is to be re-released… yaahhh…

    which brings me to the following topic….

    Every Godfather needs an “Enforcer”, to ensure things go according to plans., and the more Mafioso you are, the more the need for an “Enforcer”, as you can’t be like the government and just send the police round.

    War is bad, and the War in the Ukraine is really bad, but the silver lining is, it will reveal all the “Enforcers” used by Mr. Global.

    So, Mr. Global needs officers (like klaus schwab, who is no. 2 I think ha ha), and “Enforcers” to make sure the Great Reset happens.

    So, if you watch the news carefully from both sides, the “Enforcers” will reveal themselves to you… So far I have the following in my list, and i am sure you will be able to add more, as you can see it from different cultural view….

    1- The Forum of Young Global Leaders “Graduates”. They span the world, and in almost every job. From Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel at the high end all the way to Amal Clooney at the low end.

    2- State of Israel. (Execute in country special operations spanning the world)

    3- Muslim Brotherhood (Execute in Country special ops, via their over 80million members spanning the whole world.

    4- State of Qatar (Execute propaganda heavily driven by Muslim Brotherhood members and al jazeera network)

    5- State of the UAE. (tie in the lose ends, and cleaning operations.)

    That’s what i have figured out so far.. this is open for all to add what you think.

    But the bottom line is.. We can’t know who is Mr. Global, but we will certainly see his “Enforcers” as they execute his/her agenda.

  4. John Doe

    ISIS for the Christian world is here… “your welcome”

    By now, we all know who ISIS are and how they are formed. What majority don’t understand is who is really behind them. I am closer to the action and I can help you see this, and there are many documentation and video’s to prove this if anyone is interested.

    ISIS is the creation of Muslim Brotherhood. They are the people who brainwash the masses to believing in the ISIS message. Muslim Brotherhood are able to turn average guy or girl into a deep brainwashed zombie, who is able to conduct normal life, but with brain that is completely hijacked by twisted believes that don’t pass the smell test. (by the way, those believes are so removed from Islam, that a Muslim like myself don’t even recognize it – however large portion of Muslims thinks it is the true Islam due to deep brainwashing by MB (Muslim Brotherhood).

    Off course, Mr. Global enforcers like State of Israel and Qatar provide financing and training, while USA and others provide arms and training to ISIS (MB).

    NOW… ISIS version for the Christian world has arrived. It is called Neo Nazi, but it is the same hijacked zombie’s that makes up the ISIS middle east. They are seen operating in Ukraine, and they are tough warriors. (the reason for their toughness is, deep brainwashing that they are doing gods work, and plenty of captagon pills.).

    So, what does that mean to the Western World. It means this is going to go round in Europe first, and then jump to USA to facilitate the Great Reset, just as ISIS is meant to do. Destroy the current political map, and allow the “Great Reset” to come and save the day and rebuild it.

    So, the question is, who is behind it. Muslim brotherhood is behind ISIS, who is behind Neo Nazi in Eastern Europe. If I had to guess or start digging, i would look at operation Gladio first. (Richard, run this into your fancy machine and see what you come up with.)

    ISIS got temperately stopped by Iran, Russia and China, but it is not dead… The question is, who can stop the Neo Nazi when all of Europe and USA is supporting them directly and in the daylight.

    Ukrainian and Russians are really nice people, and they are the most warm European i have ever met, but they are very badly educated, and they still believe things like superstition and deeply religious. (brainwashing level)

    GTW team.. You are doing great work… keep it up…

    • John Doe

      I just heard there are Arab volunteers on the streets of Ukraine fighting with the Neo Nazi. I am almost certain those are some of the remaining ISIS fighters from Norther Africa and Syria. The question is… How is the west going to polish that turd… ha ha ha

      Don’t try to understand why ISIS fighters would fight with the Neo Nazi… these guys are brainwashed. some will go as far as kill their own mothers if the “ameer” says so (there was two documented cases in Saudi and Syria).. a zombie in the truest meaning of the word.

  5. Bobby Hunter

    found this on Gab. I don’t know anything about this Dilyana guy, but the article is interesting.

    “The US Embassy in Ukraine deleted from its website all documents about 11 Pentagon-funded biolaboratories in Ukraine. These documents (now deleted by the Embassy) have been published here


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