GTW Podcast 067 | The [Political] Science Has Changed

by | Feb 14, 2022 | 8 comments



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  1. John Doe

    Why brainwashing in a dictatorship???

    I live in a dictatorship, that belongs indirectly to USA, which belongs indirectly to Mr.Global….

    The puzzling question is… Why bother with brainwashing, and spend soooo much time and energy on brainwashing, when it is…

    1- A dictatorship
    2- No voting exists.
    3- It is a police state.
    4- No international effort will support any differing views
    5-…etc etc..

    if we apply the “walk like a duck rule”.. then the answer is..

    People matter.. even in a dictatorship like north Korea or Canada..

    They don’t tell you that, and they will even try to show you that people don’t matter, but if people did not matter, they will not spend so much energy on the topic.

    People matter… You matter… Your view matters… YOU CAN CHANGE THE SYSTEM “together”. danger is.. once you get power, how do you know you will not become “them”.

  2. Bobby Hunter

    Youtube channel called Techlore just did a story about some new CIA documents. This will probably be covered by Alex Jones and others, too.
    The video is here …

  3. John Doe

    “The Man” or “Mr. Global” or any other name you choose have screwed us so much that the following is taking place as I type…..

    first.. only 4 to 5% of society is psychopaths, which means more than 95% of society are good people generally speaking.


    Mr. Global got the “woke” or “Democrats” or any other name you chose to fight for the freedom of gay people while at the same time repress majority of citizens with government overreach laws.

    at the same time, Mr. Global got “freedom fighters” or “resistance” or “Republicans” to fight for the freedom of Man, while at the same time repress the rights of gay people among other things that religion says must be done.

    Clear example of the 5% psychopaths controlling the 95% “good” people.

    What say you??

  4. John Doe

    Logic does not work!! (this is addressed directly to Tony, the Logic professor), please address it if you can.

    As I highlight above, 95% of society are hijacked and can’t see the “logical conflicts” between wanting the freedom for “gay” community while repressing the Freedom of Man, as “gay” people are “Man” both male and female.

    I had to go through similar experience, which made me believe Logic “does not work” in humans, and it takes more than logic to free ourselves. allow me to give you my personal experience.

    Many years ago, my logic got me to question religion, as religion in general is full of “holes” similar to the “logic” conflicts i highlight above. the only way to reconcile religion is to believe in the supernatural (no different than believing in ghosts and fairies).

    Yet, I could not shake religion off, for the following reason.

    1- The lie is SO BIG, “you can’t make it up”
    2- So many millions if not billions of people believe it. I can’t be the only smart one here.
    3- without religion, how would I know which way is UP?
    4- I have to live in a group, otherwise I die. My basic instinct and survival depends on it.
    5- it is generally for the good of the people, (yes, but few kids get raped, but it is for the good of man kind)
    6- etc etc.

    So, many years later (tens of), with a lot of reading of history, open mind and the power of observation, i have managed to “understand” that religion is a “basic human need”, and does not follow logic, just as “sex” is basic human need and does not follow logic at all. Majority have stories that goes along “she was not even pretty, but i did her anyway” 🙂

    So, were am I going with this… for us to be free, we need to understand the following:

    1- we must be free from the shackles Mr. Global created, and some of those are… Religion, Political correctness, Race (we all carry the same DNA), tribalism, etc etc.
    2- We have to learn and teach people about “defaulting to truth” fallacy and how to avoid it as discussed by Malcolm Gladwell in his book “talking to strangers”
    3- and most importantly. “we the 95% of the society”, have enough power to destroy the planet just by jumping at the same time if we unite with knowledge, we should work as one to remove the “magic” spell of Mr. Global. (the magic spell is nothing more than the psychological human studies conducted over the last 100 years)

    So, in summary… Logic will not solve this problem, as it is not working for the 95% of society today. we will need more than logic and history to be free!

  5. John Doe

    By the way… Nice work on the new thumbnails for the videos… I like…. I like a lot… Is it you LD??

    Keep up the good work GTW team, and thanks for making all this happen.. you are doing “gods” work. (who ever god happens to be today!) :-0

  6. John Doe

    Mr. Global master stroke!

    As a continuation of above thought process, and trying to bring a solution and not just highlight the problem, i stumbled on this “dot connecting” process.

    So, why are the 95% good people are hijacked by the 5% psychopaths?

    Simple… Mr. Global made it attractive via incentives to make the 5% psychopaths dedicate themselves to working in the Fourth Estate (press and news media), and the more of a psychopath you are the higher you rise.

    So, today across the whole planet… the Fourth Estate is the “ministry of truth”. The best propaganda money can buy. (Cuomo, Zucker, Ailes and Weinstein are just example.. – and yes, Hollywood is part of the propaganda)

    How can we fight that…

    again, simple… we just need to switch off.. (Mr. Global follows capitalist rules, until he is able to change it to communist rules)

    Question is… How do you get your friends and family to switch off?? That’s a heavy ask, but experience say, you need to offer an alternative.. something that has immediate rewards, and a long term benefit.. tall ask!

  7. John Doe

    The secret “superpower” of Mr. Global.

    I am watching the Munich Security Conference, and the main topic is Russia / Ukraine.

    It is amazing how many speakers answer questions that are logically against the interest of their people and their states. It is like Darwin’s theory of self preservation does not exists in those speakers minds.

    There is only one explanation….

    Those speakers are not all directly working for Mr. Global (i think none at this level), yet they are indirectly working for Mr. Global, which takes me to the topic of this thread….

    Mr. Global “superpower” is… Mr. Global is able to hijack the brains of “good” people and get them to utter “illogical statements that goes against their peoples interests” all because they are driven by tribalism, race, religion, self promotion into power or sometime, blackmail.

    That’s a superpower that can make you more powerful than god!.

  8. Chris

    How do we access the upcoming logic course?


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