GTW Podcast 066 | And then they came for…

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  1. John Doe

    Dear GTW people… something to comment on…

    What are the similarities between Joe Rogan and Vladimir Putin??

    – Both seems to have come up under the Radar of Mr. Global..
    – Both appear to be on the right side of history.
    – Both appear to be fighting Mr. Global’s agenda.
    – Both are being attacked heavily by Mr. Global’s Tools.
    – a ton more similarities if you go to the micro level. (i hear both eat children in their spare time ha ha)

    What we know…
    Mr. Global does not leave anything to chance. and 100% have dirt on everyone in the event one goes rogue.

    So, logic says.

    – Either they are both working for Mr. Global… or
    – They are being used by Mr. Global, and they still serve a purpose, but they will be slaughtered at the end in a massive fanfare.

    just for full disclosure. I like Joe Rogan a lot.. He is big brain pretending to be Mr. 80% and he is good at it. I also like Putin as he reminds me of the average mafioso with ethics, which is 1000 folds better the the average politician.

    Keep up the good work GTW team, and let us go back to the old format.

    • Dave K

      Excellent analysis but you forgot to tell them to run towards the bullets.

  2. Dave Karney

    You forgot to tell them to run toward the bullets John D.

    • John Doe

      Oh yeah… and run towards the bullets… (who is suppose to run towards the bullets, and to be honest i don’t understand it, it must be a culture thing that I am missing).. any way.. I hope you did not take offence earlier.. regards.

      • Bobby Hunter

        If they are shooting at you from atop a building, the quickest way to get out of the line of fire is to run toward the building. This only works if you are really close tho.

        • John Doe

          Thanks for that info Bobby… It makes sense as it would be a triangle and you are running towards the inside of the triangle.. In theory it makes sense, but tiny difference.

  3. Dave Karney

    Didn’t Michael C Ruppert say “run towards the bullets”?

    • John Doe

      Oh yeah… the late Michael Ruppert. He was a good example of a person who followed his basic instinct, and believed in the good guy / bad guy drilled into him for years while being a police officer. Mr. Global and his tools broke him, but to be fair, he was already 50% broken when he woke up.

      To be able to fight Mr. Global, you have to understand Mr. Global. To understand Mr. Global, you have to delete all your programming, that Mr. Global has installed in you for hundreds of years.

      If you can achieve such a thing, logic will show you that Mr. Global is not that far wrong (we are living amongst 80% sheep, and 19% cowards (i belong to this group). Why treat them as equal?.. Why do they deserve a say?

      I need to figure that out still… More reading and observing I guess.

  4. k

    *Good PCR test”.
    Explain if you make such statements.
    The CREATOR said NEVER can be used, because it finds fragments but can’t tell you ANYTHING about those fragments, whether active or something in you since childhood.
    There is no such thing as a “good pcr test” when used for diagnosis. If you keep making these statements you will have to statt backing them up.

    I think Tony is still trying to integrate his old world view with the new realities and not fully on board with the fact the are TRYING TO KILL US.

  5. John Doe

    Deep brainwashing and its effect…..

    I have a good friend of mine, who is a scientist / doctor. He specializes in cancer treatment, in addition to being a professor in the field of Genes.

    He is your typical scientist who will not believe in any outcome, until there is peer-reviewed experiments, that he can touch and feel.

    During religious activities, same doctor will engage in religious activities, part of which is to be covered in Cow urine. This is not unique to this doctor, but almost the whole planet engages in similar activities that is against logic and science.

    The point I am trying to make is… Some brainwashing is so deep, that it will override any enlightenment you acquire in the 50 – 100 years that you are on the planet.

    So, how can you identify or see Mr. Global if you still believe it is possible that virgins can get pregnant and deliver babies, without any sperms (unless the sperm was teleported into place ha ha). Same applies to all religions. This is a tool that Mr. Global utilizes whenever the curtain gets lifted.

    So, how do I know there is Mr. Global… No evidence, no Mr. Global… Not exactly….

    How do scientist identify a black hole… they can’t see a black hole, or dark planets that are too far away. They can only identify them by the “pull” they generate on light and other items.

    In layman’s terms… If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck………

    Final word on religion. You will not be able to become free while you are shackled by religion. There is a place for religion in our life, but it is the same place Music and Art occupies. We need both Music and Art (and religion) in our life, but we must never forget, both Music and Art are basic instinct needs for man, and both are manmade.

    I will continue on this journey and see where I end up…. but it is scary as hell (hell ha ha ha ha)

  6. Dave Karney

    John D, is Bitcoin a tool of Mr. Global to get those who resist the Going Direct Reseton board? Can Quantum Computing “hack” Bitcoin?

    Gary Null has been talking about belief systems and what he termed “The Cult of The Profesdional” to explain why smart orople make stupid choices, why goid people make bad chouces , etc.

    At the end if the day, we all have many beliefs. The question is, did they all come from Tavisstock and The Frankfurt School?

  7. Bobby Hunter

    Red Ice Radio recently interviewed Ron Unz from and he revealed some things about the scamdemic that I didn’t know.

    1) The Pentagon released a memo to other NATO countries warning them about it in Nov, several weeks before it even started. How did they know?

    2) It started simultaneously in cities in China and Iran, thousands of miles apart, and that’s not how viruses behave.

  8. Bobby Hunter

    He thinks it was made at Fort Detrick and released by the US military at the Wuhan games without telling the president.

  9. Dave Karney

    John D, is Bitcoin under the control of Mr. Global?

    Dr. Gary Null has been speaking about belief systems and The Cult of The Professional(a term he coined) to explain why good people make bad choices, why smart people make stupid choices and why people blindly believe so calked experts and professionals.

    • John Doe

      Hi Dave,

      Is Bitcoin under the Control of Mr. Global? I don’t actually know…

      What I know is the bitcoin story does not add up. I mean.. Created by a guy, in the form of a formula, and then said guy disappears. we don’t fully understand the formula that creates the bitcoin, because it was created by someone who disappeared, but we believe it can produce a limited amount of copies, and it can’t be reproduced or hacked. what I list above goes against everything I have learnt at Uni doing a computer science degree.

      Dr. Gary Null… this is the first time I hear of him, and did a quick google, and can see that he is hated by Mr. Global, therefore, he must be partly right. ha ha

      “Null is hostile to evidence-based medicine and has accused the medical community of being in a cabal with the pharmaceutical industry ” from Wikipedia.

      Of course, Gary Null is correct when it comes to pharma industry, as I have learnt that your average doctor only gets 6 hours of nutrition training in all their years of medical training… It is like having a car mechanic who does not understand the property of fuel and fuel air mixture and expect them to get the car running. That does not add up…

      “All disease begins in the gut” – It’s a quote attributed to the Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates nearly 2500 years ago. This is very true, and I have personal experience to its effect. It saved me from dying, and from giving half of my income to the pharma industry (a bit like having your body on lease to the Pharma industry.)

  10. John Doe

    The word “nigger”….

    Recently, everyone you see takes a dive when the word “nigger” is used. Their reason is, it was used in negative way towards black people.

    In that case, we should also avoid using the word “Slave”, as it reminds the Slav people of how they were the original enslaved people.

    “The term slave has its origins in the word slav. The slavs, who inhabited a large part of Eastern Europe, were taken as slaves by the Muslims of Spain during the ninth century AD.”

    I belong to the “Muslims” mentioned above, and I am not at all guilty for what those fuckhead did back in the ninth century. I am also not responsible for whatever atrocities my brother or my son does or did. We are all responsible for our own actions and not the actions of others.

    Prior to the 14 century… Majority of slaves were white slavs.

    Political correctness is yet another tool in Mr. Global chest of tools to shackle us and get us to behave in a manner Mr. Global chooses.

    “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,”



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