GTW Podcast 065 | Spotify Seppuku

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  1. John Doe

    In last week comments section (GTW 64), I mentioned how Mr. Global chooses WINNERS, and that’s how he/They control the world.

    I said how Mr. Global gets people cancelled, and I used Joe Rogan as an example.

    Good news is… there is always a silver lining…

    Joe Rogan will continue to be cancelled, and the effort will increase until Joe Rogan submits… in the process, we will get to see which WINNERS were chosen by Mr. Global, that are doing Mr. Global’s bidding.

    So, here they are in order of least important, to increasing importance…

    1- Neil Diamond
    2- Joni Mitchell
    3- prince harry and his wife
    4- Nils Lofgren, India Arie, Graham Nash (who are these people)
    6- Trevor Noah (interesting to watch him do Mr. Global bidding, while trying to be true to his believes… Money always wins when your believes are paper thin)

    This list will grow until either Joe Rogan gets cancelled or killed – as i don’t think Joe Rogan will submit..

  2. Dave Karney

    Joe Rogan showed weakness with his recent comments regarding his show and guests. Don’t give them an inch.

  3. Dave Karney

    Tony does a fantastic job hosting. I love Richard but he excessively talks over Tony and I cringe when he makes his painfully unfunny jokes.

    • John Doe

      Hello Dave,

      Why are you trying to create rift between two very good hosts. Who are you working for? ha ha .

      I agree both have their own style, which is very good and keeps the listeners interested. and both have their weaknesses.

      Tony is very good and he appeals to the 80% as he talks with emotions and relates to the 80% of the bell curve.. Tony’s bad habit is feeling the NEED to voice his agreement with the other speaker while they are speaking, which makes it appear like people talking over each other.. he did it even the last week when Richard was not around. (Tony, please just nod when you agree strongly, and when you already know the topic the other speaker is sharing – avoid verbal queues.)

      Richard belongs to the “big brain” group, and he can rub the average person in the wrong way. But he is the horse that drives the cart, and you need both…

      Keep up the good work Tony and Richard, and just remember, people are strange and can be very abrasive, just like i am most probably.

  4. Nihilo Nostrum

    What percentage of animal testing doesnt work?
    Because animal tests are so unreliable, they make those human trials all the more risky. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has noted that 95 percent of all drugs that are shown to be safe and effective in animal tests fail in human trials because they don’t work or are dangerous. –

  5. John Doe

    In episode GTW 64 comments section last week, I also mentioned how blackmail makes the world go round….


    Current events with Jeff Zucker proves this beyond any doubt.

    So, Chris Cuomo, kept his job, because he was blackmailing Jeff Zucker as both were banging the same woman at different times. Chris Cuomo can do this as he is an arm for his mafia brother Andrew Cuomo who apparently ran New York and was a possible for running the free world.

    So, Mr. Global have chosen all those “WINNERS” to run the world for him/they. but they are nothing but tools.

    So, Andrew Cuomo was not needed anymore, gets fired, and his brother Chris loses protection, and gets fired, and they snitch on Jeff Zucker, who also gets fired/resign.

    Behind the scenes. Mr. Global realized a while ago that MSM is not working, so he/they needed to make a change. So, they use one of the disposable “WINNERS” to start a change reaction to effect the change they need.

    The scary part is…. This is turtles all way way up, and goes beyond the presidents and popes.

    They have dirt on everybody, and that’s why i make my dirt public, but even then i hide my identity, as if you are not effected by blackmail, then you will be disappeared. I like living.

  6. Marianne Hyatt

    “quick commentary” bwahahahaha

  7. John Doe

    The case for Mr. Global… being the Devils’ advocate.

    For this to work, I need big brain people to engage, and emotional people, to suspend their “emotions” temporarily (here looking at you Tony).

    prerequisite: You need to imagine Mr. Global to be one person for this scenario, but I think Mr. Global is made up of roundtable of very similar people, and it is the most kept secret in the world. (rings within rings)

    So, the question is: Is Mr. Global so wrong… I mean, he is just a person like you and I, and he is sharing this planet with “people” who appear to be complete zombies. Mr. Global has the ability to tell these “people” what to think and what to like and dislike, almost as if they are not “people”, but gimps that he can do whatever he wants with. He even consider them less than animals, as animals will rebel when you push against their basic instincts.

    I will give you a case in point. 30 years ago, Mr. Global could not force the masses to choose celebrity personality, or an actress, as the people had to “like” him/her and they used their basic instinct to either accept the personality or reject them, and that’s why you had actors that you either liked or hated. (that changed as social media is able to brainwash you deeper now)

    But recently, that is not required anymore, and the best example to give is James Corden. I have asked all the people i know if they liked James Corden, and i got a 90% “No, he is a twat”, and if you listen to people in general, he is not liked or even considered an entertainer, yet, he is “brainwashing” people every night.

    Mr. Global (and the WINNERS he put in place) have deemed that the “people” must like James Corden, and they just comply (Mr. Global does this to prove to himself that the “people” are subhuman). So, as far as Mr. Global is concerned… He believes he can tell you what to like and what to dislike. Again, you are nothing more than useless “thing” that he can manipulate for his needs. (not much different than the leather he uses for the sole of his shoes.

    So, as you can see…. Slaves makes tyrants, and not the other way round.
    If i was a judge, I will give this case to Mr. Global, and say, keep doing what you are doing, as clearly, these “things” will die without you looking after them.

    Now Richard… Do you disagree with this analysis??

    Keep up the good work GTW team, and please go back to the old format. Best of Luck.


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