GTW Podcast 064 | Break the Narrative

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  1. John Doe

    who is Klaus Schwab?

    No one knows 100%, but the internet will tell you few stories. I however, don’t know, but I am willing to guess..

    In my culture, we understand the power a man yields by observing how other powerful men shake his hand and greet him. By looking at the face of the person he is meeting, we can evaluate the status and power of a man.

    I have done that to understand who klaus schwab is.

    I have noticed that even dictators and royals, who don’t need his blessing to rule their land, still submit to him as an equal at least.

    This tells me he is not the founder of a forum, but most likely, he is the FRONT to Mr.Global, and since no one who meets him appear to be aware of who Mr. Global are (whom and how many of them), as far as everyone is concerned, he is Mr. Global, and they need to suck up to him.

    This tells us that Mr. Global must be part of the members of the forum, as Mr. Schwab will need that cover to interact with Mr. Global, which I guess must be on at least a weekly bases.

    GTW team… You are doing great work… keep it up.

    • John Doe

      I guess in the James Bond movies and in the Spectre analogy… Mr. Schwab would be a number two in both definitions. ha ha ha

  2. Bobby Hunter

    Someone I work with had a heart attack right after getting the vaccine. He’s really lucky it happened at work and the hospital is right down the street. It makes me wonder how many people are having these vaxidents without making the connection.

    • Ken

      Best friend 96 years old. Got shot at 95 years old and immediately ended up in the hospital, because she could not get a full breath. Emergency intervention and she’s okay. She got the booster. She got sick again. She recovered. She will get the boosters. She does not link the reaction to the shot, but it’s so obvious, especially because now we know these are “standard” reactions. Now she has no immunity and a recurrence of leukemia.

      Do you think they gave her the shot to keep her alive?

  3. John Doe

    What Makes the World Tick?

    Money makes the world go round! (False statement)

    Blackmail makes the world go round, money comes a distant second.

    Jeffrey Epstein case made me investigate the concept of blackmail in societies, and I discovered the following:

    In 1950’s Egypt, there was a blackmail ring, run by the secret police on behalf of Jamal Abdelnasser gov, employing famous pretty actors (boys and girls), and a multi cameras behind 2 way mirror equipped villa used to acquire assets and force people to toe the line. They have learnt this tactics from neighboring country Israel, as the mossad was using this to control both Israeli citizen, and neighboring countries influential persons of interest. This ring was uncovered and document in the news, and no doubt changed face and name by now.

    A similar blackmail ring was also uncovered in Jordan in the 1960’s and also operated by the secret police. same story as above, but instead of pretty actors, in Jordan they used the number one brothel. Again, this was exposed, and if you search for “Raheeja in jordan” in Arabic, you will find the cases are still on going.

    No doubt, this is happening all across the world, and Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell cases proves this is happening at all levels, and up to leaders of the free world.

    Off course, society and you and I to blame. As long as there are taboo subjects, then there will be people in power exposed to blackmail. It used to be sex with pretty girls, that morphed to sex with minors and homosexual activities.

    We all have twisted thoughts, which is part of our humanity, and as long as they are viewed as taboo, then we all have things to hide, and we all susceptible to blackmail.

    But for now… when you see a person in power doing something that is going against his interest, you can be assured he or she is under the power of blackmail, and that would include the twisted Dr. Fauci.

    • Josh

      Check out psychologist from UC Berkeley. One of the most knowledgeable and creative creators next to Richard and Jay. He focuses on the psychological effects of the media and explains everything going on using psychology. He is well read in the globalist books and a man of God. He did an amazing documentary years ago called how the media shaped the generations. I noticed he was not in your creator’s list.

  4. Janet

    While I enjoy what the brain guy brings to the conversation, gotta say it’s nice to not hear you two interrupting and talking over each other

  5. Ken

    DANGER! You hold back telling people what was personally successful for you, because you do not want to overstep and give medical advice and yet, within the same broadcast you boldly state that there is some utility to the PCR test, which actually is a demonstration of your being affected by propaganda (of those you trust?) when the CREATOR OF THE PCR TEST WAS UNEQUIVOCAL!! THE PCR TEST MAY “NEVER” BE USED TO DIAGNOSE, IT CANNOT TELL YOU WHAT IT IS SEEING, IF IT IS ACTIVE OR NOT!

    Logical errors.

    But most significantly, the experiment of Utopia and dangers of relating it to humans. Propaganda has many sources. A few questions:
    1. Do you think the people conducting this bogus experiment were looking for a way to free humanity? (I own bridges all over the world, can I sell you one?)
    2. Do you think the reported outcomes are legitimate and unquestionable?

    Or is it possible that this was meant to be used as now, to dissemenate this false idea that we have somehow tried and failed at Utopia.

    We do not KNOW what providing comfort for all will do. We have never tried it and will be led to believe in its failures because the people conducting the experiment MAYBE did not have our best interests at heart when they bogusly put together this “experiment”.

    It’s interesting to see someone still trying to integrate new understandings of the way the world actually works, with the baggage of trying to reconcile the two opposing views. DO NOT GIVE UP on something worth TRYING just because they have given you THEIR take on what they want us to believe.

    Indeed, societies DO manage to live and work together. Nothing is without conflict. There are better goals.

  6. Bobby Hunter

    What is the best way to recommend a youtube video to Richard?
    ReallyGraceful just posted a really interesting video about strange events at the CDC.

  7. John Doe

    “But this theory of yours, Richard, is too big and organized to be true……..”

    some people might end up thinking like this, however, the whole case is much simpler than that.. Allow me to explain…..

    Mr. Global does not have a whole army that he/they control that needs to toe the line and leak something or another….

    Mr. Global does one thing and one thing alone…

    Mr. Global chooses WINNERS (even if they are losers, he turns them into winners using his tools) – based on the Golden Rule… (the Man with the Gold Rules)

    So, the story is like this…..

    Mr. Global chooses (or makes) winners, and then those winners are obliged to do what Mr. Global insinuates. And as they are winners and famous, the rest of us just follow suite.

    If you get organic WINNERS that don’t want to play ball, you blackmail them or cancel them (get ready Joe Jogan.). and the rest will just fall in line.

    If you get WINNERS or People who don’t want to play still, then you wipe them out (get ready Richard and Joe Rogan), and RIP JFK and a huge list of the inbetweeners.

    The rest… a theory called “Nudge theory” takes care of things.

    Richard… you too should put out a video telling the world how you love life.. hahaha

  8. Kim

    I recommend you pick up and read American Muckraker by James O’Keefe. Very interesting insight into how the media works.


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