GTW Podcast 063 | United States of Fear

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Some of the books referenced:

The Double-Cross System: The Classic Account of World War Two Spy-Masters – J.C. Masterman

Battle for the Mind( A Physiology of Conversion and Brain-Washing)[BATTLE FOR THE MIND][Paperback] – WilliamSargant

The Opium Monopoly – Ellen Newbold LaMotte

Reilly: Ace of Spies – Robin Bruce Lockhart

From Russia With Love – Ian Fleming

The Warburgs – Ron Chernow

The Pilgrims Society and Public Diplomacy, 1895–1945 (Edinburgh Studies in Anglo-American Relations) – Stephen Bowman

New World Order: A Strategy of Imperialism – Sean Stone

Materials to review:








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  1. Richard…Your historic insights have enlightened me beyond my wildest dreams. However, until you understand that Rockerfeller medicine is nothing but Devil Bill Livingston’s Snake Oil Model, and that ALL vaccinations have been the very foundation of the fraud of germ theory, you’re gonna get it all wrong. Please pay some attention to Drs. Andy Kaufman and Tom Cowen. The Wuhan Lab is just a distraction. This is Spanish Flu/AIDS redux. Mass murder. Buy stock in rope companies.

  2. I would just like to suggest that you add a creator to your “creators” list on your website. Dayzofnoah. He is a psychologist and well read in the globalist books.

  3. I am a subscriber to Tragedy and Hope.
    I think that you might find this interesting.

    Valentin Katasonov: The Great Reset-a plan to capture the nature of the Earth by the global elite
    Globalist corporations are buying up farmland to stop food production

    The “Great Reset” plan, announced by the President of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab, provides for a radical restructuring of the global socio-economic order. Schwab calls this the transition from the old capitalism to the new, “inclusive” capitalism and the liberation of humanity from private property. However, if the Russian Communists destroyed private ownership of the means of production and materialized capital more than a hundred years ago, thereby destroying the exploitation of man by man, then the globalists propose to abolish personal property, i.e., the right to self-ownership. property intended to meet the first needs of life – housing, household plots, clothing, household utensils, etc.

    Ida Auken, a member of the so-called Global Future Council on Cities and Urbanization, which operates within the framework of the WEF, triumphantly proclaims:: “Welcome to the year 2030. Welcome to my city, or rather, our city. I don’t have anything. I don’t have a car, I don’t have a house, I don’t have any equipment or clothes.”

    Schwab is more careful with his language. In his book “COVID-19: The Great Reset” (2020), he says that people should release their desire to be possessive as quickly as possible. In inclusive capitalism, a person must become a user. However, the right of use does not exist without the right of ownership. Someone must be the owner, the ultimate administrator of property and assets. Schwab obscures this question, but it is clear that the ultimate owner is the global elite.

    A handful of people (the”golden million”) have already taken over most of the world’s economic and social infrastructure. It took over the objects of so-called intellectual property, took over most of the Earth’s interior. The Golden Million would like to privatize the entire universe. The Soviet science fiction writer Alexander Belyaev wrote about such madmen in the novel ” The Seller of Air “(first published in 1929). A certain English businessman Bailey organized somewhere in the Arctic, in the north of Yakutia, an underground factory for processing atmospheric air. At the factory, the air is first divided into components (oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, helium), then the final products are made from the components. For example, nitrogen is converted to ammonia, nitric acid, and cyanamide. The main product is a ball of condensed form, containing a cubic kilometer of atmospheric air. Bailey is preparing to enter the market with his balloons and other products, but these plans, fortunately for humanity, were not implemented – the factory was destroyed by Soviet Red Army soldiers.

    Today we see that a group of super-rich people want to try Bailey again in some form. These madmen seek to appropriate that part of nature that has hitherto yielded almost no profit, that is, to reliably privatize it and involve it in market relations. Then the power of the global elite over the world will be unbreakable.

    The article “Globalist corporations begin seizing farmland in America under eminent domain, to halt food production in the name of fighting climate change” appeared in the December 29, 2021 issue of Natural News. The article says that in the near future, companies providing “ecosystem services” should appear in the world. Ecosystems are natural factories that absorb carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, process dirty wastewater, and provide oxygen and clean drinking water at the outlet. In addition, they preserve the biodiversity and genetic codes of millions of living species (fauna) and plants (flora). And these codes can be used to solve complex problems in the field of biotechnology and genetic engineering.

    Proponents of developing a market for “ecosystem services” say that the first condition for creating such a market is to establish clear ownership rights to natural objects (ecosystems). “No one’s property” or property in the hands of “irresponsible actors” creates risks of ecosystem destruction. Ownership of natural resources of an ecosystem nature should be in the hands of very “responsible” economic entities. Their compliance with the strictest standards must be confirmed… by the stock exchange.

    The new type of business entities has already been named “Natural Asset Companies” (NAC). They should become commercial entities and make a profit by selling “ecosystem goods and services”. Such as greenhouse gas absorption, oxygen, and clean water. As for the gene pool located in a privatized ecosystem, biotechnological and other companies can use it by purchasing a license for the corresponding “intellectual property”. Owners of genetic and other information related to the flora and fauna of wild nature can only be KPA. All other users are paid users.

    The description of the modern project “ecosystem economy” and” ecosystem market ” may seem like the delirium of a madman, against which the literary fantasy of Alexander Belyaev pales. However, this project is not a fantasy. This is part of the Great Reset plan. On the website of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), a page dedicated to natural asset companies has already appeared.

    We read: “To address the large and complex challenges of climate change and the transition to a more sustainable economy, NYSE and the Intrinsic Exchange Group (IEG) are the first to introduce a new asset class based on nature and the benefits that nature provides (so-called ecosystem services). NACS will reflect the intrinsic and productive value of nature and provide a store of value based on the vital assets that underpin our entire economy and make life on Earth possible. Examples of natural assets that can benefit from the NAC structure include natural landscapes such as forests, wetlands, and coral reefs, as well as working land such as farms.” It also says that the commercial potential of natural assets is $ 125 trillion a year in the form of global ecosystem goods and services, such as carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and clean water.

    To understand how high the stakes of the authors of the project to create markets for global ecosystem services are, I note that the total sales of crude oil and natural gas in the world by the end of 2020 amounted to only $ 4.68 trillion.

    The above-mentioned structure of the Intrinsic Exchange Group (IEG) entered into an agreement with the New York Stock Exchange in September 2021 to create KPA and bring them to the stock market. NYSE acquired a minority stake in IEG. The latter is a group, or partnership, whose members are the Inter-American Development Bank, the Rockefeller Foundation, and Aberdare Ventures. IEG was founded in 2017 by entrepreneur and environmentalist Douglas Eger. (Douglas R. Eger). As CEO of IEG, he commented on the September agreement: “Together, IEG and NYSE will enable investors to gain access to natural wealth and transform our industrial economy into a fairer one.”

    IEG has already developed methods for measuring environmental indicators of CPA and translating them into value. These include sales of ecosystem services and natural capital. These indicators will complement the traditional performance indicators of companies. In the fourth quarter of 2021, the New York Exchange prepared listing standards and accounting information for CPA and submitted them to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It is expected that in early 2022, the SEC will approve the submitted documents and in 2022, the first KPA will be brought to the exchange.

    As can be understood from the IEG and NYSE documents, the creation of CPA begins with the acquisition of land that has the potential to generate ecosystem services: “CPA – sustainable enterprises that have rights to ecosystem services produced by natural, working or hybrid lands.” “Natural” means land that is not affected by human economic or other activities. “Workers” means land that is currently being actively used. This is mostly agricultural land. They can be converted from agricultural production to the provision of ecosystem services. “Hybrid” – land that has land plots of the first and second types.

    A number of billionaires have already joined in buying up land, starting to accumulate “natural capital”, to convert their virtual (financial) assets into physical assets, land.

    In the United States, Bill Gates, the largest owner of agricultural land in America (in the terminology of the IEG and NYSE – “working land”), is most often referred to as the main buyer of land. In total, Gates has about 242 thousand acres across the United States. This is almost 100 thousand hectares. However, Gates is not the largest landowner in the United States. The first place among billionaires who specialize in buying up “natural land” belongs to media mogul John K. Malone (2.2 million acres of ranches and forests). In second place is CNN founder Ted Turner (2.0 million acres of mostly wilderness). Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is rapidly increasing his investment in land.

    Americans are very concerned about the purchase of land by billionaires. Especially that these new feudal lords of America may start repurposing the use of acquired land.

    I’ll repeat the title of the above-mentioned article from Natural New: “Globalist corporations are beginning to take over agricultural land in America under prominent holdings to stop food production in the name of fighting climate change.” The title of the article speaks for itself. Comments are unnecessary

  4. I think I have just figured it out!…. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Universal Basic Income and Cororna…. connecting the dots.

    Although born in the 1970’s, A.I. did not come to life until the firs self driving car come into action, and did not become a worry until they discovered A.I. can outperform an average lawyer in lawyer work.

    With A.I. to replace majority of driving jobs in the next few years, this will become a problem, and hence the Universal Basic Income was proposed few years back.

    However, Idle hands leads to all kind of troubles, plus Universal Basic Income barely covers keeping people alive. so, the problem is not resolved.

    Enter a lab leak called Cororna. the perfect tool to harvest whatever money out there before the big cull to “manage” the number of people needed to keep the world going round, in Mr. Global eyes.

    If you go back to pictures of 150 years ago, you will see horses filling cities and towns and roads.. Today, you see horses on TV screens while they are raced. Horses are much smaller in numbers and only kept for fun.

    Same is going to be true under the “The Great Reset”. only the “Racing” bread of humans will be kept, and the rest will be turned into glue.

    If you remove your humanity, and look at this problem as a threatening issue that needs to be resolved.. you will come to the same conclusion and solution.

    I believe that’s were we are today.. I hope I am wrong….

    Thank you GTW team for all the excellent work you are putting out..

    • Just speculation, but I think UBI may be brought in by an international organization instead of nationally as a way to get people on board with the one world gov’t.


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