GTW Podcast 061 | Fauci Flu 2022

by | Jan 3, 2022 | 17 comments

Books referenced:

The Impact of Science on Society – Bertrand Russell

The Phenomenon of Man – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The Outline of History – H.G. Wells

Shake Hands with the Devil – Romeo Dallaire

Concentration Camps of the Boer War – Elizabeth Van Heyningen

Of Paradise and Power: America and Europe in the New World Order – Robert Kagan








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  1. John Doe

    Dear GTW team,

    Happy New Years…. hope all had good and uneventful time off…

    Video download is downloading a wrong 1k file from yours and odysee website… something went wrong, can you please check.. thanks…

    • Charles Bader

      I am having the same problem.

    • GTW Moderator

      Looks like it’s working now. Can you confirm that you’re able to download the video on your end? Thanks.

      • John Doe

        Hello GTW Moderator :-).

        Sadly, it is still broken… clicking on download works, but it downloads the wrong file.

        file download is called “master (2).m3u8” at 1k size, which I think is a playlist file..

        So, this week, we still don’t have video, but I am sure you will fix it..


        • Navin Johnson

          Oh the pontification! Too much Tony.

          Sorry guys, I can’t stay silent any longer.

          Thank you for what you’re doing here. It’s incredibly important.

          All the best.

  2. brett

    I like how Rich ‘researches’ videos only from ‘trustworthy’ sources that always confirm his and each other’s positions and most likely those of his audience, which has already viewed 1/2 the videos and enjoys reviewing their ‘original discoveries of primary sources’. Plus, he ridicules opposing views. I guess this is what happens when you discover a ‘surefire path to objective reality’: 2 out of every 100 predictions will come true, but those 2 will fuel your mental biases for years to come. Because some conspiracy theories are true and some aren’t is why conspiracy theorists deserve more pushback and less idolic worship.

    • John Doe

      blow it out of your arse brett…..

      I normally discuss things like adults, but when you come in with a closed minds, I tend to reflect like a mirror.

    • John Doe

      Oh yeah, and one more thing brett….

      You will notice i use a fake name, and a fake e-mail address, and I use a vpn, and I spoof my ip address, etc, etc…

      Do you know why I do all off that…

      It is because i live in a country that would have me disappeared if i went against the golden rule, which was put in place by the man with the gold. over here i get my nailed pulled, and my testicles wired to the grid.

      The USA (land of the free, but not for long), you guys are not that far behind, and currently, you only loose your job if you don’t follow the golden rule. a very good and clear example would be Patton Oswald actions this week. or is that a conspiracy as well??

      I am here because if you guys fall, then I am going to be living in Cambodia circa 1970. (not that far back, if you want to be honest…)….. So, for god, buddah, allah, Krishna…. please GTW don’t stop.. and Guys in the audience.. please make your voices heard….

  3. OlgaPlaysPoker

    Where would I find that meme with Big Bird?

  4. John Doe

    Dear GTW team,

    Video download still broken.. Can you please fix it.

    I need my time capsule for the record…

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Mathieu Francoeur

      First off I am very grateful for all the information you guys compile and all the time and effort that goes into educating your listeners. I recently have found your podcast and have listened to you weekly since E56

      I wanted to suggest researching zdoggmd. He clearly leans left however seems to point out flaws on both sides of this. His recent video trying to point out issues with the McCullough Rogan interview was interesting. He talks of logical fallacies, signs of misinformation etc..
      I feel like his funding should be looked at. His background and political leanings etc.. here is a link to his recent video.
      I would love to hear your guys’ take on him.

      • John Doe

        Hello Mathieu,

        I actually stumbled across one of his videos by chance on youtube, I think it was “Vax N’ Chill?”…

        I changed video after few minutes for those reasons.

        – He felt like he was a “construct”… my BS gauge got triggered as “he is not genuine”.
        – I did not learn anything new from him, he was just repeating old news that I already heard from credible sources.. he is an unknown for me.
        – He does not have charisma… he would make a terrible Hitler 🙂
        – and now after seeing his website… I can confirm that he is polished well financed source with huge team behind him made to look as a good solo doctor trying to help…

        I leave the rest up to you to judge.

        • Mathieu

          I agree. He trys to come accross as the voice of reason, playing Devils advocate every step of the way as he navigates his audience towards the predetermined conclusion. He even went on about how Relative risk reduction is a more useful metric than Absolute risk reduction at one point in the video.

  5. John Doe

    Dear GTW team, and especially Richard,

    We don’t know much for facts, but one thing we do know as a fact is, Mr. Global is deep into history and symbolism.

    This should be interesting for Richard because it is connecting dots in history.

    Today, Dr. John Campbell, UK youtuber posted the video “Symptoms and Sequelae”.

    Please go watch it and try to connect the historical dots especially around minutes 6.

    I was able to connect the dots, and i think this video is so important.. I will repost this in today’s comments when it is published.

    keep up the good work…

  6. John Doe

    Hey GTW team, What happened?? why no updates?? is everyone down with Omicron?? I know I am, and this thing keeps coming back, which means my body seems unable to create immunity or to kill it. I am on day 14 now, and it is coming in waves. I am on my third 3 wave and just got out of bed.

    I hope all of you are ok…

  7. Michael Bauer

    Does anyone have a link to the audio version of Episode 62? I found the video at Rokfin if anyone needs it, but I cannot find the .mp3 anywhere.

    Hope the GTW crew are healthy and doing alright.

  8. Calin

    Great job, congrats on comprehensive covering!
    Please upload podcasts to stitcher.
    Last upload was ep 60, last year


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