Grand Theft World Podcast 056 | Omicron Omni-Fear

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** Watch out, COVID-19.**






Materials to review: Tucker Carlson – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – 11/15/21 YouTube Is the Mainstream Media a Threat to Freedom and Sanity?


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I have been waiting 12 years for someone to finally connect chemtrail nanofibers to the transhumanist agenda. The chemwebs are the vehicle of infection. Check out the work of Sophia Smallstorm. She has made 2 presentations in 2011 and 2012. Look it up “From Chemtrails to Pseudolife” and “From Chemtrails to Pseudolife;Living the Manhattan PrpjevyioProjection OffLi

Juliana Ruggiero
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Really enjoy your show. You should check out Rob Skiba speaking about an injection years ago on a show called Prophecy Club. Also Chuck Missler speaking about Transhumanism and many other interesting topics.



  1. ole timr

    they climbin’ in ya windows
    snatchin’ ya people up
    tryn ta vax em’
    so yall need to…………….

  2. John Doe

    Hello GTW team…

    I think I have figured out the strategy Mr. Global is using to win the war to a “single totalitarian world government”.

    I would like the GTW team to evaluate it, and if it stands, then expose it to stop it from working.

    The strategy is as follows: Hijack large proportion of “the average Joe” and use them to enforce your strategy. The “average Joe” will do this not because it makes sense, but because it “feels” right (emotionally driven, because they are emotionally hijacked).

    We all know that the population is on a bell curve, so, 10 % at either end of the trailing edges makes up the big brain people as well as the “not so big” brain people, with the majority in the middle making up the average brain people.

    Mr. Global, belongs to the “big brain” people.

    Mr. Global, using a century worth of psychological studies on “average brain” people, will hijack them, and turn them on everyone on the bell curve.

    This, if it works, will neutralize all big brain people, including people on this forum, but will preserve Mr. Global, as they will disguise as “average brain” persons, while pulling the strings of hijacked majority.

    The population is the strongest force on the planet… only they can make a single world government possible.

    I stumbled on this this week… So, I sent to my friends and family news about How Africa, and Bangladesh are doing great on Covid compared to western world, (Bangladesh had zero covid deaths), and almost all accused the information of being manipulated and not true, those are sane normal people, but it appears they are emotionally hijacked to only believe one narrative. Their logic appears to be switched off. “Mob rule” or “mass psychosis” has gripped many i know.

    the noose is tightening for “big brain” people, and some will fight to the death, and others will just “go along, to get along”.

    You are doing great GTW.. Keep up the good work…

    Warm Regards.

    • John Doe

      Dear GTW community…

      If you are like me, you will ask yourself, why does my friends and family members, who are sane and perfectly sensible, are unable to see what I, and the GTW team and community are seeing so clearly… What is wrong with these people… here is the answer…

      I am currently reading a book for Malcolm Gladwell, titled “Talking to Strangers”.

      In Part Two “Default to Truth”, you will get the answer to the puzzling question above. Especially between pages 125 to 132. That’s when my brain connected the dots, your brain my get there much earlier.

      but in short… When the event taking place is so big, people will default to truth, and can’t believe such a big thing is happening.. we are wired this way… the book will show you real life examples, only then you will understand it fully.

      Happy reading…


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