Grand Theft World Podcast 048 | Unmasking the Truth

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  • Daszak’s SARS Evil Explained. Jon Bowne detailing Daszak’s science endeavors. Short clip. End at 3:52.

  • Saagar Enjeti: Lab Leak Docs Show INSANE Pentagon Connection, Infection Plot. Saagar Enjeti continuing his research into the Wuhan lab coronavirus release and the relationship it had with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Pentagon, and an infection plot. Full clip. 7m34s.

  • From :

    Just been going through GTW latest podcast. Got a rabbit hole for Richard. At the hour mark Tony brought up Klaus and Merieux receiving an award celebrating the 40th year of the Reform and Opening-up” of China. There were 10 foreigners that got an award. Here are the ten from China’s gov website:

    One of the guys that got an award: Stephen Perry, a brit. Chairman of the 48 Group Club called the “Icebreakers”. Some members were Tony Blair and many others… Fabian socialists involved with China trade deals… nothing to see here.

    48 Group Club ( was established in 1952 by his dad, Jack Perry. As per the London South Bank University website here below. Interestingly, this article contains “-confucius” in the web address. Other parts of the website do not. (Weren’t the Confucius scholars banned in the US because China was sending spies with their exchange students?)

    “In 1952, Mr Jack Perry met in Cambridge with Ji Chaoding, Joseph Needham and two other Cambridge University scholars. After the Cambridge meeting, under the leadership of Lord Boyd-Orr, the Director-General of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, and Professor Joan Robinson, a prestigious Cambridge economist, Jack Perry joined the ‘Icebreaker Mission’ as one of its organisers to break the imposed embargo and start friendly trade relations with PR China.”

    Side note Oh would you look at that too… in that article they mention the “new normal” already in 2015.

    “By combining his reading of historical data, his family’s experience and his personal observations, Mr Stephen Perry related his personal understandings of the new normal and common prosperity, as well as its implications for the West.”

    During that time, the “Cambridge 5” with Kim Philby were still around. Also a few years later, in 1958 you had the Great Leap Forward that led to some 80million deaths when wanting to industrialise agriculture… I wonder if the “Icebreakers” and United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization had anything to do with taking technology over there… Nothing to see. Move along.

    As per their wikipedia page (, the 48 Group Club have been heavily criticised:

    “In Hidden Hand: Exposing How The Chinese Communist Party Is Reshaping The World, authors Clive Hamilton and Mareike Ohlberg stated:

    In short, at the instigation of a member of the Standing Committee of the Politburo, Zhou Enlai, the 48 Group was the work of three secret members of the Communist Party of Great Britain. From this foundation the club quickly developed an unrivalled level of trust and intimacy with the top leadership of the CCP, and has built itself into the most powerful instrument of Beijing’s influence and intelligence gathering in the United Kingdom. Reaching into the highest ranks of Britain’s political, business, media and university elites, the club plays a decisive role in shaping British attitudes to China.”

    This does a full circle back on Anthony Sutton’s transfer of technology to the Soviet Union but also to China in the same period. Big can of worms for communist spies in the 50ies, the cold war etc…

    And since June 2020, the 48 Group Club and its chairman Stephen Perry launched a libel lawsuit in an attempt to block the publication of the book in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Obviously, since they have big business deals going on and are strong advocates for the Belt and Road Initiative….

    AJ, [02.10.21 01:29] Few more notes on those 10 guys. I haven’t dug into it yet. Just scratched the surface.

    List of posthumous Friendship awards:

    List of people alive that got the award:

    • Klaus Schwab
    • Alain Merieux
    • Stephen Perry
    • Maurice Greenberg (, former AIG CEO…. (AIG big can of worms, haven’t touched it) Didn’t seem to be on the photos. He’s 96.
    • Robert Lawrence Kuhn (, investment banker (any link to Kuhn Loeb, Rothschild front that funded the Bolsheviks?), chairman Kuhn Foundation, columnist, advisor to the Chinese government, neuroscience doctorate?? Odd wikipedia profile.
  • Lab-Leak, Gain-Of-Function, and the Media Myths Swirling Around the Wuhan Institute of Virology.








  1. Lucky

    A more apropos title may be “unmasking the stay in your lane truth”. My first question to Del would be could you refer to the scientific research which convinced you there is a new and deadly virus in town.

  2. Nihilo Nostrum

    “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”

    ― Adolf Hitler

    “As a parent, protecting my children is my first priority. Folks, vaccinate your kids.” – Justin Trudeau

    • Justin Hart

      I wish I recorded the call but I spoke to the serology department in CDC in Darwin Australia. I asked them the what the cycle threshold was that they are using for the RT PCR test and was told 40, sometimes as much as 41 if it is being looked at by a genetic specialist. The gent I was speaking to then stated asking me who I was and why I was asking and when he realized I am not a doctor said I can’t talk to you any more because it is confidential information and quickly ended the call. So there you go….

  3. Eric Haley

    I would love to share the video about the Minnesota rally at the timestamp 4:21. I am having trouble finding it here or other places online. Can anyone point me in the direction of where I can find this video clip? Thank you.

  4. Jostein

    This is just a general comment on video funtion:
    I dont know what function this is part of but every single time i start playing of these videos, i need to press play 2 times. sometimes even mid video. Cus the video stops playing 2-3 seconds after I press play at a consistant basis. Its getting annoying spescially when i happens mid video and the “restart” suddenly starts at time: 0, when i was at 3 something houers.
    Otherwise good work on the content, thou i wish there was a little more on none covid content. Im sure there is other important issues happening too. Like 5G roleout and technocracy delevopments. OR maybe some positive developments. Keep up the good work.


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