Grand Theft World Podcast 044 | Straight from the Horse’s Dewormer

by | Sep 6, 2021 | 1 comment

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Grand Theft World Podcast 044 | Straight from the Horse’s Dewormer

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1 Comment

  1. Dear GTW team,

    Thank you for delivering yet another excellent effort on helping people be more awake.

    Tony, you are doing excellent job hosting the show for this long single handed, off course with the support of the control room.

    Your style is different than Richard, and thank god it is, and I will explain why…

    Richard seems to be thinking in hyper-speed (What is your IQ Richard, but it must be very high) majority of the time, and some times, you can see he tries to throttle back to allow the average viewer to catch up, and we thank you for that Richard.

    You on the other hand Tony, you hold the viewers hand, and slowly but surely take him or her with you at comfortable pace that we can handle.

    You guys are both needed at the same time… you guys are the Yin and yang that makes the show both exciting, and enjoyable at the same time.

    Control room must be gifted to manage you both at the same time.. well done guys.

    All the best and keep up the good work.



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