Grand Theft World Podcast 042 | Reanimating the Gulags

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    Grand Theft World has been a must for me every week…all 42 episodes. You’ve awakened me in more ways than I can count, and I’m forever thankful for your enlightened and comprehensive work. But I must submit that there is an enormous elephant in the room that you’ve been overlooking. The whole picture changes when you realize once and for all that “it” doesn’t exist. In other words, there is no disease called Covid-19, viruses don’t cause disease, and the whole Wuhan song and dance is there to keep the conversation steered away from the truth that would destroy their Covid narrative. Have a talk with Doctors Kelly Brogan, Andrew Kaufmann, and Tom Cowan, and devote a show to the last door we all need to open. The germ is nothing, the terrain is everything said Pasteur on his deathbed. When you have that last door opening episode, you might want to include David Icke.

  2. John Doe

    Dear GTW team…

    You are doing great… Keep up the good work… What you are saying is historical facts, that appeals to logic, which normally captures 80% of the bell curve.. You just need to be heard by people who are “in listening mode”. Good Luck for all of us.

    By the way.. You may not know this. But What you are doing is making me love “USA” again as I begin to understand that all the atrocities committed in the name of USA or Great Britain or France, is not really committed by the people of those countries intentionally. It is Mr. Global pulling all the strings of few corrupt civil servants. It is not “We The People” of USA that killed a million Iraqi children, but Mr. Global using the greed of few Americans. End Results… Innocent Americans get killed Because the “West” and “Capitalism” is bad.. or better still “Guns are bad”.

    Well done Gents (for now, until a woman steps up to be part of the team)

    Best Regards.

  3. John Doe

    People, on a positive side… Not all Mr. Global plans pan out… check out the latest screw up by Mr. Global.

    The Plan. “climate change” – fires combust spontaneously across few select countries on certain parallel around the planet. Mr. Global blames climate change, they increase the price of our energy few folds, making us more enslaved to them. “tax per mile, tax ever time you take a poop (to process your waste) tax on your energy consumption, etc etc.

    The results on the ground: Turkey is accusing UAE of starting their fire.. Algeria accusing Libya starting their fires. Morocco accusing Tunisia starting their fires… 🙂 :-).

    People who are connected to the ground know that fires just don’t start without an ignition, be it a lightening strike or a match strike.

  4. John Doe

    Ok… I feel I have to add this negative feedback….

    Alex Jones screwed up this time during the segment on Afghanistan and Taliban. for the following reason.:

    The specialist Alex invited knows very little about Afghanistan, and all her knowledge comes from her husband who works with USA military, so one sided view at best, plus she is virtually unknown in the middle east media.

    The whole topic was an attack on Muslim Brotherhood (a group that I hate), and does not explain the view of the real story on the ground.

    I guess you guys trusted Alex Jones judgement, but he screws up from time to time.

    Afghanistan.. My guess is… It is being prepared for version 2.0 of the attack on China and Russia.. oh, and as collateral damaged, the USA will have some damage too.

    Taliban is back in control. they do something wrong. the west cuts them off.. they are forced to “host” unwanted Islamic groups. those Islamic groups attack infidel China and Islamic hating Russia and parts of USA to stay legit (thats chess level one). oh, and as result get to sell tonnes of opium. clear winner “Mr. Global” (thats chess level two).

    my two cents

  5. Billy

    I like the show, but FOR GOD’S SAKE, please stop interrupting each other! It is impossible to hear either person when you are both talking.


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