Grand Theft World Podcast 040 The Impact of Science on Society

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  • Michael Crichton | States of Fear: Science or Politics? This is a video I took from the gtw-clip-consideration channel. This is an old talk and old video from Michael Crichton talking about fear, politics, and control. End at 52:11. Shout out to James Jordan for providing this timestamp.
  • AND
  • The Evil Twins Of Technocracy And Transhumanism. Patrick Wood talking about technocracy and transhumanism. This is a fantastic video. Patrick Wood is a little Jesus-y, but besides his conspicuous belief in the bible being a born again Christian and Evangelist, this is a fantastic critique of technocracy and transhumanism. After the intermission is over we can talk about Auguste Comte, his influence on Herbert Spencer, and the X Club in the late 19th century. End at 35:08
  • AND
  • MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL. A fantastic montage of much of his work in the psychology of mass psychosis produced by After Skool. If we’re pressed for time we’ll forgo this video since it’s stuff we’ve already presented before, but if we have time I do suggest we provide it for the time capsule. Full clip. 21m48s.




  1. LionHeart Luke

    great work peoples! i’ve a question : @ 33: 50-ish : is ‘anti-science disinformation’ actually scientific information? GTW is a, for me, a light in the tunnel that isn’t, necessarily, an on-coming train. Much love and kind regard from over the ocean. Keep on keeping on keeping. #piracyrules

  2. John Doe

    Hey GTW team… Thanks for successfully uploading yet another episode of my favorite Grand Theft World. I am writing for two reason, share my Covid Experience, but first, i want to make a suggestion:

    They say, build it and they will come… YouTube will never give you the ability to put all your program without censorship. So download and Odysee, Rokfin, etc is a must. However, You could take advantage of YouTube reach buy publishing “CLIPS” with catchy titles to get the average sleeping person, who needs a nudge to awake. something similar to..

    JRE Clips – YouTube
    Flagrant 2 Clips YouTube Channel

    Maybe the next time you have a segment on MKUltra, or Operation Midnight Express or operation Ajax.. you could clip it and put it on a dedicated YouTube channel that will not get banned as the material will be “not offensive to them, and actually on google and YouTube already”

    Just my two cents. I will share my covid experience on separate post.

    best regards.

  3. John Doe

    Dear people..

    Today is day 5 and it is the first day I am out of bed, but miles away from health, as I am still stretched out in the living room. I am writing this in the hope it will benefit someone as it is a first person experience.

    I am getting closer to my 60th birthday in few years. I have been suffering from sinus inflammation that comes and goes for no apparent reason for the last 20 Years. Doctors have all failed to diagnose the problem or fix it, apart from Antibiotics, which almost destroyed my stomach, so I stopped them 10 years ago.

    6 days ago, one of our idiot friends decided to join us for coffee while having a strange cough (repeated, short and uncontrollable). Off course, he is double vaccinated, and claims to have done the test the day before and it showed negative.

    I have never took any vaccines, as I have decided looking at the sciences and what has been suppressed by the media, that I smelled a rat. So decided to take a chance, knowing that, Apart from sinus, I am healthy otherwise.

    So, 5 Days ago, I awoke with the BIGGEST headache imaginable due to inflamed sinuses, which blocked drainage, and caused me to be unable to even open my eyes. The pain was severe, and I stayed in bed for the next 5 days.

    The day after, our friend called us to let us know that his second test showed he had Covid, even though he was double Vaxxed using Pfizer. He is stretched out in bed with sever cough…

    That is how I know I got Covid-19 after 2 years of keeping my distance, while enjoying my freedom. It took an idiot friend of mine (sadly, he is not that bright, and he still does not think he is at fault).

    The point of this post is.. today, take account of your health status, and find the weakness in your armor (mine was the sinus). COVID will attack whatever weakness you have in the system. I feel if I had diabetes, it would attack me there. Try to fix that if possible, while maintaining the usual Vitamin C, D and Zink to boost your immune.

    If your weakness none life threatening like mine, then go forth and try to catch it as soon as you can… of course, you will suffer for few days, but only slightly worst than one of my previous sinus inflammation bouts. (only difference is.. very high temperature, reaching slightly above 39c degrees. So, need to keep an eye on that. (but high temperature is your body’s way to kill the virus.)

    In return… I now have God designed (if you believe) Immune system, that promises to last a long time to come (if history is to be believed). What does not kill me, makes me stronger, even poison.

    Stay healthy…

  4. John Doe

    Hello GTW team, and welcome to the USCA (United States of Communist America)

    Further research regarding the second wave attack on humanity in the form Fires and Floods. Anyone can do this with the aid of Google search and Google translate.. very interesting results.

    So, I searched in google for the term “Algeria Law of Forest Fire” in Arabic language, and got the following results. I only used the first 3 results as it gives an idea (I have translated everything for you to English so you can understand)
    1- Algeria… A strict law that reaches life imprisonment for those involved in burning forests from sputnik news
    2- The crime of burning a young man covers the forest fires in Algeria (report)
    3- Life imprisonment for those involved in forest fires..! – Sunrise Online

    Then… I searched for the exact same thing in google search but in the English Language… here are the results:
    1- Wildfires continue to rage across Algeria, suspected arsonists …
    2-At least 42 people killed in Algeria wildfires, president says
    3- Wildfire rips through Algeria, killing 42 people including …

    So… Why Arabic search produces different results from English Search (apart from being google the evil guys)

    1-Either they are still in catch up mode.. i.e. The English script have not synchronized with arabic script..
    2- Arabic population are irrelevant (just under half billion) to this fight, as it is detainment by the English speaking world.

    In any case.. I live in a country when the temperatures hit 65c degrees under direct sunlight, and I can tell you that things don’t just catch fires… even when you have dry leaves in your garden that you want to get ride of, you still need to sit them alight.

    I am not a climate change denier or believer. I think the planets climate have been changing for over millions of years. That said, I am 80% positive that “someone somewhere” is using the “Nudge Effect” to move us to carbon tax.

  5. Bobby Hunter

    The Ghanian thing sounds like a preacher in a church somewhere. The clue was at the end when he “this is what church is supposed to do.”

  6. Andy

    Audio only would be awesome!


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