Grand Theft World Podcast 038 | Pandemic of The Vaxxxed

by | Jul 27, 2021 | 6 comments

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  • The Immortality Key; Psychedelics and the Ancient Age | Brian Muraresku & Prof. Carl Ruck | S4: E37. I wish I could just play the entire thing, it’s that good. Jordan Peterson interviewing Brian Muraresku talking about his interest in this subject. Brian reveals he was Jesuit trained and the liberal arts prepared him for a life of learning that transcended any limitations in regards to being able to learn anything for himself. End at 17:17.
  • The Immortality Key; Psychedelics and the Ancient Age | Brian Muraresku & Prof. Carl Ruck | S4: E37. Jordad Peterson going deeper into his discussion with Brian Muraresku about the rites of Eleusis and the visionary journey and its implications on Catholicism. End at 41:10.
  • The Immortality Key; Psychedelics and the Ancient Age | Brian Muraresku & Prof. Carl Ruck | S4: E37. A segment from his podcast with Carl Ruck with Ruck talking about his relationship with Wasson, Hoffman, and Schutles, as well as the importance of Allegro’s work on his area of scholarship. End at 1:04:07 OR 1:10:48.
  • The White House is Censoring You Now! JP Sears satirizing censorship. Full clip.


  1. Dohn Joe

    Richard, when you asked the question about how do they track cov-sars2 varients, there is a nice tool that tracks and displays global genomic epidemiology of sars-cov2 from global subsamplings here:

    By they way, what is the website or browser you are using to display the mind manager like graphics for Wikipedia links? If you could either post here or send me an email that would be great. I have searched all over and can’t figure out what that tool is.

  2. Pb

    Great show as always. Sucks that you included the LV Bauer clip though. Unless you’re about to correct yourself and I didn’t get to that part yet. Check the study. You’ve probably found out by now but as far as I can tell it doesn’t even include unmaxinated folks. He’s talking about the maxine’s efficiency against the alpha strain vs the delta strain. Weird that LV phrased it that way though. Hopefully you’re about to correct yourself and you didn’t just see a wild AJ clip and included it in the show without confirming it in any way. At least you mentioned the fact that it could be incorrect. But still.

  3. GT Donnelly

    Despite the numbers from various countries around the world appearing to show that the vaccinated make up close to or sometimes more hospitalizations and deaths than the unvaccinated, this data out of Ontario Canada appears to show the exact opposite:

    This is puzzling as there are numerous first hand claims of canadian doctors seeing lots of injury in people, for example in this interview:
    Timestamp Start: 1:20:22
    This, if also happening elsewhere, would suggest that there should be a higher number of vaccinated people in hospital. And due to the Ontario report stating that cases of covid19 were being measured via the normal guidelines as opposed to the asymmetric reporting found in America and due to the high false positive rates, et al, you would think that a larger proportion of these hospitalizations would be included. Certainly Canada shows the same mass vaccination timeline correlated death spike as other countries:

    And so I can only assume that either, somehow, the data is accurate and the vaccines are more effective in canada than in other countries, or, they are specifically not diagnosing the vaccinated people with Covid, even if the test comes back positive, and instead diagnosing them with heart issues, pneumonia, etc, to avoid including them in the data. However this is not stated in teh report anywhere as best as I can find, so its little more than pure speculation on my part. I was wondering if you could go through this and see if you can find anything I’ve missed. Other reasons could be differences in teh definition of a breakthrough case across countries.

  4. AJ

    Hi Richard, You were asking about how they test for the different variants. I did a Freedom of Information request with the Organisation of National Statistics in the UK a month or so ago. It might be similar in the US. Here was their eye opening answer. (another piece of the corrupt puzzle):

    Obviously leaves it very open for faking statistics and corruption.

  5. Jesper Musaeus

    Listen to Paul Craig Roberts Interviewed on USA Watchdog by Greg Hunter

    They Killed People for Vaccine Profits – Paul Craig Roberts Interviewed on USA Watchdog by Greg Hunter August 5, 2021
    So far most Covid deaths resulted from withholding treatment with known cures. Note that health authorities approved the use on emergency basis of an untested vaccine whose efficacy and safety was unknown, but the same alleged “Covid Crisis” was not used to justify the use of known cures on an emergency basis. Health authorities claimed they did not have official clinical trials proving the safety of HCQ and Ivermectin as a Covid treatment even though both had been used for many decades without adverse effects for treatment of lupus and malaria prevention and other dangers. In many countries HCQ and Ivermectin are available over the counter without prescription.

    If the dire predictions of some experts about the threat the spike protein “vaccine” poses to health and longevity are on the mark, the vaccines will sicken and kill many multiples of those who died from the Covid virus.


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