Grand Theft World Podcast 036 | Globalism From Rhodes To Schwab

by | Jul 12, 2021 | 8 comments

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  1. In the referenced South Park episode the NAMBLA convention was double booked at the same hotel as the National Assn. of Marlin Brando Look A-likes. This made for a very fertile comedy landscape. If the truth were only so funny.

  2. Dear GTW team,

    You are doing great, and Tony held the forte well when he was flying solo. Excellent work.

    Due to page re-design, I can’t find the download button. Can you please assist.

    As you said, this is a time capsule, and I am downloading and keeping every episode, just in case we need it in a dark future. (I am hoping that light at the end of the tunnel is not an incoming train).

    Also, you need to reach the world. Forgetting Mr. Global’s men, like ISIS or Al Qa’aeda, or Muslim Brotherhood, or Taliban or even the many “yes” government around Asia, there is a huge populous who think and feel exactly like you guys, but can’t speak. They call themselves the resistance. (currently, they don’t understand the full picture and they believe the enemy is Mr. USA or Mr. Europe, or Mr. Israel, when we are all being played by Mr. Global. (a quick cui bono gets you to that conclusion)

    My English writing skills are disastrous as demonstrated here, but I can assist by giving advice on what the local issues are in those part of the world via e-mail possibly.

    Best Regards.. and keep up the good work.

    email below is not real. I can reach the website via the info email if i can find it.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for this feedback, the download button should now be available to you to archive as a time capsule 🙂

      Thanks for pointing out the email, it would benefit to have that comm channel open

      • Hello Justin,
        Thanks you for fixing the download “link”.. It is working perfectly now…

        With your permission, I would like to share the following thought with GTW audience. ..

        The Most important lesson i have learned from my American friends is the following:
        “If it looks like a duck, swims like …, then it probably is a duck.” i.e., in the absence of facts, it is wise to use pattern recognition to understand. With that in mind….
        1- AIDS in the 1980’s.. major hit on reproduction.
        2-Polio vaccine in Africa and Asia.. Major Hit on fertility.
        3- Food industry in the last 50 years.. Major Hit on life expectancy and quality of life(some prefer to die)
        4- Covid19… appears to be the “final solution” as described by Bill Gates.

        Now, for the next episode, please… Can the GTW team put the above in the “Duck Blender” and connect the dots for us average people… Also, why are so many people no longer believe in the “If it looks like a duck” (Duck Blender) saying…??
        Best regards.

        • I forgot to add No. 3.5 above….

          3.5 – Pushing the LGBT Agenda down peoples throat and making it the norms., when it is not…. (LGBT flag is on display in every USA embassy in the Middle east, by force…)… Major hit on reproduction.

          BTW, I don’t have any issues with LGBT.. they are just people like you and I… let us not forget that some of history greats use to be “AC/DC”, e.g., Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, T.E Lawrence, Alan Turing .. etc etc.

      • Hay guys, what do you know about “Cold Springs Labratory”? Is any of this (fallow link) true? I’ve seen this guy on your podcast before, so I figure you probabily know more about this topic and presenter than I could probabily find using my phone. P.S. I sen’t your whole life insurance policy sales rep $305.00 in the mail. It was a good pitch, but she gets vicious when you tell her no. I have 36oz now Richard. Hope to see you at Jackalope. Maybe we will be able to come to a agreement there.

  3. Also, congratulation on being allowed on YouTube once again…

    But I suggest, you need GTW 5 min Clips with clickbaiteee type of titles to bring the masses back in. It is like offering an addict a quick shot to entice them to the rehab center.

    My prediction. As GTW gets back on the radar screen with numbers, you will be taken out again. (which is part of the fun i guess). If YouTube starts promoting you, I will know you guys have lost the plot.


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