Grand Theft World Podcast 031 | Gain of Fauci

by | Jun 7, 2021 | 5 comments

Chronological Resources:

BREAKING: Bombshell Revelations In Fauci’s Emails!

Big Tech censorship of COVID treatments (from Livestream #82)

ICAN Del Bigtree Fauci emails

Tucker: Fauci deserves to be under ‘criminal investigation’

TUCKER: Fauci’s Emails Merit ‘Criminal Investigation’, He May Have Committed ‘Perjury’ In Confrontation With Rand Paul.

Zuckerberg Thanked Fauci For ‘Leadership’ And Offered To Help, Considered More Valuable Than Television – Email.

DISGUSTING: Emails Reveal ‘Dr. Fauci’s March Madness’ Disease Bracket.

Fauci Email Memes Expose Him as a Fraud.

Sen. Josh Hawley Calls On Fauci To Resign After E-Mail Dump, Demands Full Investigation. “The public deserves to know…”

Tucker: Why did they lie to us for so long

Researcher thanked Fauci for downplaying lab leak theory

The Truth is FINALLY Coming Out! Fauci Emails Expose Covid Corruption. | Louder With Crowder

Fauci – Public Enemy #1?

Irrefutable Covid Facts Implode The Big Lie.

Rand Paul on whether there’s ‘criminal culpability’ regarding Dr. Fauci.

Rand Paul: Fauci emails paint ‘disturbing picture’ of COVID narrative.

Fauci once argued for risky viral experiments — even if they can lead to pandemic.

China State Media Threatens NUCLEAR WAR Over Covid Investigation, Fauci Leaked Emails Spark SCANDAL.

Tucker Carlson reacts to Fauci’s ‘surreal’ interviews amid email ‘scandal’

Fauci Would Face the Gallows Under the Nuremberg Code for Covid-19 Bioattack.


School Principal & Mobile Vaccine Bus Served With Notice of Liability For Pushing COVID Shot On Students.

Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens.

Princeton Report: American Government Isn’t a Democracy.

Testing Theories of American Politics:Elites, Interest Groups, and AverageCitizens.

Federal Judge Strikes Down California’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Assault Weapons Ban, Torches Media.

Were Human-Animal Hybrids Approved By The U.S. Senate?

Human Animal Chimeras: US Senate OPPOSES Ban.

Whitney Webb Explains The Epstein And Gates Relationship You Won’t Hear About.

Elon Musk Exposed.

Burisma Big Guy Biden Busted.


Jason Bermas interview of Whitney Web


BREAKING: Project Veritas Obtains New Insider Tape Revealing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Top Executive Heidi Swartz Prioritize Punishing Truth Seekers Over Acknowledging Secret Censorship of ‘Actually True Events or Facts’

The Tiananmen Square Massacre Never Happened.

Bing CENSORS Images of “Tank Man” on 32nd Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Massacre.

We Are Your Overlords.

The Best-Kept Secret in History – Brian Muraresku.


Critical Race Theory for Kids | JP Sears



  1. Grand Theft World has done the cause of liberty a great service, and I thank Richard Grove for his diligent research and hard work. I’m going to go out on a limb here…practically alone, but joined by a few other old farts such as David Icke, who likes to remind us that when something was nowhere and it’s suddenly everywhere, it’s part of the plan. I believe that the Wuhan theory, which folks on our team knew about a year ago, is just another dead end, pre-planned song and dance, designed to keep us from seeing the more likely truth…that truth being that…shhh! it’s a secret. There is NO disease called Covid-19, caused by a virus…anymore than there is a disease called AIDS, caused by a virus. With AIDS, the treatment was the killer, and with Covid-19, the jab is the killer. Please consider this possibility. It’s all an illusion filled with sadness and confusion. And Tony Fauci orchestrated both fake pandemics. Just ask Kari Mullis what he thinks about this possibility. Haha.

  2. Hello Grand Theft World Team,

    You are my go to podcast, where I get a headsup on everything that counts. Thank you for making it possible.

    This weeks video appears to be wrong.. I have downloaded it many times, but it is not playing despite it being 3.4Gb and called “Ep 30 OBS hb.m4v”

    Can you please check it.. It could be from my side, so i will download it again today.

    Best Regards,

    • Dear GTW team,

      Scratch the comment above.. my bad.. i was clicking all the wrong things… when i tried to play the video correctly.. it worked fine…

      All ok and I am feeling really stupid now..

      Best Regards

    • Hay Guys, have you herd the Audio? You have an eco but no feedback, makes me think you have two seprit audio channels going at once. I suggest you guys do a pre-show setup & test run. Your production is getting better. Thanks for all the hard work, let me know I there is anything I can do to help.


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