Grand Theft World Podcast 026 | The Hour of Change

by | May 3, 2021 | 4 comments

Chronological Resources:


    1. Sources are at the end of the pdfs

      Toxic Waste and Red Tape – Uncovering the Dangers of Water Fluoridation

      The Secrets in the Needle – Unveiling the Dangers of Vaccination

      Our Grandchildren will be the Final Generation – Exposing the Ultimate Threat to Humanity: GMO

    2. Your podcast is constiently buffering, please work on this.

    3. I am still trying to find the link for The Brain in the show notes. Can anyone help with this?

    4. Richard do you have a suggested reading list somewhere? Two weeks or so ago, while viewing GTW on rokfin you flashed a book with a Union Jack on the cover, something about narcotics and or opium and empire. I do not recall the title but I thought I search around it and I would recognize it to no avail.


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