Grand Theft World Podcast 023 | The Science of Secular Religion

by | Apr 12, 2021 | 7 comments

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  1. Is the mp3 download missing or is that feature unavailable?

  2. …you get this kind of paradoxical immune enhancement.. right.

  3. Gidday from down under!
    I enjoy your GTW podcasts and the info they supply to enlighten us mere mortals.
    I would like to point out from an aussie perspective that the clips you use from SKY news are basically Rupert’s narrative. This makes me wonder about for what reason they promote ‘certain’ things that on the surface seem contrary to corporate govt propaganda, I’m sure something more insidious lurks beneath their veneer. As usual.
    The rest of the MSM here is fixated on cases, jabs, warming, masks and the rest of the propaganda soup we are served up daily. I only watch their narrative occasionally to ‘see’ it but many others here are hooked….. I wish they would take the time to see your productions and others such as Corbett, Webb, TLAV etc.
    Best regards and cheers!

  4. Hi team Grand Theft World,

    You are doing great job. Keep up the good work.

    The only room for improvement is to make the video FRAMERATE 30fps instead of the current 60fps. many handheld playing devices can’t handle the demands of 60fps, especially tablets.

    I normally download and watch on my tablet as YouTube Sucks, and library is too slow.

    Sorry i keep anonymous, but were I am living they are watching everything i do on the web, so I leave as little track as possible


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