Grand Theft World Podcast 022 | Digital Disagreements

by | Apr 5, 2021 | 11 comments

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  1. AJ

    Hi GTW,

    Don’t know if you spotted this one about DARPA providing financial award to Moderna to develop a “mobile, end-to-end automated manufacturing platform to provide in-field, just-in-time manufacturing of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) quality nucleic acid (including mRNA) vaccines and therapeutics intended to deliver near-instantaneous protections and treatments to both military personnel and local populations.”

    Little worrying they could get into biowarfare forcing people to take these freshly made, warm out of the oven Frankenshots… especially if we’re going to see another pandemic with the SPARS scenario event (‘predicted/planned’ for 2025) organised by the same culprits. (I think Jason Bermas just covered this article too.)

    I’ve just noticed the language used.
    In the Moderna link I shared, they mention: Medical Countermeasure Manufacturing
    In the SPARS scenario: Medical Countermeasure Communication
    This language seems like military to me… Not really surprising if DARPA is involved.

    Love you long time.

  2. Roger Oshaug

    Justin, I would also “grin” a little bit if I had to say my last name in English at the end of the Podcast

    Thank you for the good work and excellent podcast guys

  3. Raje Logic

    RE: DC as a State (per Item 5 above, Bermas/Crazy town)

    It’s obvious that Vatican City, The City of London and Washington, DC are independent, sovereign territories; one might conclude the three are the centers of control/domination for Anglo-Saxon Belief, Money and Force, respectively.
    But, as Damon Vrabel said in part 6 of “Debunking Money”: ‘That’s Changing…’.*

    Re: The City of London, for example, see “The Spider’s Web” documentary:

    *Debunking Money:
    Part 6:
    Full Length:

  4. Brendan

    The download link for the video is pointing to episode 21 Heroic Opposition instead of episode 22 Digital Disagreements.

    • Casey Borchert

      “Trust the science” is an oxymoron.
      New shirt idea for Luke.

  5. jen

    Love your program! look forward to it every week .One suggestion ,please leave out content such as the rap clip on episode 022.It takes away from the integrity of your podcast.

    • M

      Does it though…..actually?

      CMON MAN

  6. Test monkey

    Love you Richard but please substitute the book book for violation or stabbing. Please let everyone know herd immunity is impossible if the cov 19 vaccines in their own words do not prevent infection. This is an easy sell.

  7. Db

    Awesome as usual


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