Grand Theft World Podcast 021 | Heroic Opposition

Written By Grand Theft World

On March 30, 2021

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Welcome to Grand Theft World podcast episode 21. Guest speaker Sean Stone discusses his documentary Satanic Empire and his book New World Order, which explores how people of power have realigned the world to meet their goals.

We question whether President Biden has a pulse, then watch his cognitive capacities unravel like an old sweater. Bill Gates dons his mad scientist hat and announces plans to treat the entire world like a science fair project.

Francis A. Boyle, biowarfare expert, drops explosive truths about intentions behind covid19, and the potential ramifications. And, in our Laws for Thee but Not for Me section, we look at Hunter Biden’s gun shopping adventures, among other examples of blatant political privilege.

Chronological Resources:

Special Guest Sean Stone

Watch Hollywood DC with Sean Stone, Oliver Stone, Jay Dyer:



  1. BBC’s report “Uyghur labor” Exposed | How msm brainwashes | China poverty alleviation called “evil”

    The BBC recently used a Chinese news clip regarding mainland China’s intensive poverty alleviation campaign which assisted many poor Chinese in finding work not available in remote villages. The BBC edited the Chinese clip to paint the whole initiative as a “evil genocidal scheme”. Compare both news clips in this video!

    [YouTube] /watch?v=9RK5Me8maG4

    See the original CGTN clip from 2017:
    [YouTube] /watch?v=07NjqkQAgs8
    BBC clip here:
    [YouTube] /watch?v=-mqga0a6H8I

    • This video is especially important since GTW has presented that BBC report before, which is why I believe this video will provide further context.

  2. I found Sean Stone’s interview very interesting, much of it aligns with my understanding of the workings of the world, I got his book and am looking forward to reading it.
    As for Carroll Quigley’s book, I haven’t got that far but I always intuitively believed that to be the case, I also already had Lindon LaRouche’s perspective about empire which also resonated with me.

  3. Hi GTW team,
    Just letting your know I’ve started a Telegram channel and, if this is okay with you, I’ll be grabbing some extracts of your videos and providing extra commentary and resources to back everything up. It won’t be a channel exclusively about GTW. It’s a channel about opening people’s mind to bigger ideas using bigger than bite size posts or combined bite sized posts.
    Please let me know if you don’t want me to use your videos. I just find them to be of great intellectual value.

  4. Thanks again for a wonder show.
    Richard commented on who actually watches CNN. I thought I would share that kids in public schools watch CNN 10. Interesting to follow to see what they are feeding children in the U.S.

  5. *I meant to say, Thanks for the wonderful show…


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