Grand Theft World Podcast 018 | Pharmapseudical Philanthropy

by | Mar 7, 2021 | 8 comments


  1. HI
    I really look forward to all of your output especially the long programs. For the last two 17 and 18 I have not been able to download the mp3 programs from this page. Is there anyway you can help me with this. I listen to them all on my phone while working. Thank you

  2. Project QUELL We are all infected.
    Vectors; Chemtrails, food, drinks, water. It is in our blood. The Elite want worker bees with less drama. They want to up our productiveness while lowering the resources we use.

  3. Thank you Richard.
    You are a great teacher. I’ve learned much from you over the years.

  4. Really enjoyed the live interview with Ryan Christian. You should do more interviews! Alison McDowell would be great. And I know she’s looking for bigger platforms to share her work.

  5. also you do link here from youtube
    Jay Dyer | Special Guest on Grand Theft World
    and then link to episode 18/this page
    but it has to be another episode as he does not appear in 18.
    is it 15 then?

  6. Hay guys really good work and thanks for everything you do to in form us with knowledge to fight the good fight. But can you help me find old video you guys clipped into one of your podcast of a man talking about fauci saying something about how he didn’t do the aids test and how is does find him a real doctor it. Think it in colour or black and white video clip! Can you help which video/podcast and what time?


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