Grand Theft World Podcast 013 | Wall Street Whack-A-Mole

by | Feb 1, 2021 | 1 comment

Welcome to Grand Theft World podcast episode 13, Wall Street Whack-A-Mole. On this week’s show, Fauci flaunts three-mask finery. Kerry is back, vowing to Build Back Better and snuggling up to Klaus Schwab’s agenda. We dive into Wall Street manipulations, past and present, as well as historic Rothschild stock shenanigans and Rockefeller’s infamous dime giveaways. Del Bigtree and guests talk about the covid-19 psyop and how tens of thousands have died unnecessarily due to medical deceit.

Unfurrow that brow – it’s not all doom, gloom and skullduggery. We also highlighted inspiring solutions with Greater Reset clips, including Richard’s talk, and Stefan Verstappen shares practical information about laws and regulations for Mutual Aid Societies.

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  1. Ice Age Farmer – Patriots: National Food Security is in YOUR HANDS (Who is the real President?)

    Q is a fraud, YET there is a litany of legitimate questions around the Biden administration and who currently holds Constitutional authority in the USA. The military’s actions are not congruent with a new presidency. Is this a new psyop to rout out and round up patriots, or will there be an explosive event in our nearish future? Either way, the continuity of our food supply is under tremendous threat: we must neither attack other patriots nor trust in any plan, but ask questions, be compassionate, and–more than anything–grow food! This message may not sound like the other “TRUMP IS GALACTIC LEVEL TROLLING U” or “Q GET REKT” videos. It is some real talk, as I see it. And we all need to eat tomorrow, in any timeline.


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