Black Musician Befriends Klan Members — Changes Hearts & Minds.

This post was originally published on this siteBlack Musician Befriends Klan Members -- Changes Hearts & Minds. - Jimmy Dore   Original Publish Date: January 27, 2021 1:00 am Find out more from this author: Guest: Aaron Maté - Powder Dry Progressives 3 hours ago George Clooney Protests "My Marriage Is Not In Trouble!" 1 […]

Written By Grand Theft World

On January 27, 2021

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  1. This strawman fear mongering pales in comparison to what happens every day in America which cohenveniently never reaches mainstream media and is actively suppressed: Why isn’t there anyone pointing out the hatred that the black community has towards whites, which result in white people being attacked by blacks at the disproportionate rate of 100 to 1? Why are Jews constantly encouraging this by attacking ethnic Europeans in the media? And, how is it acceptable that pointing out their loxist hypocritically gets labeled as antisemitism? Lastly, the KKK is an FBI honeypot which nobody takes seriously. The media uses it as a boogyman to stoke the racism industry so blacks remain the pets of liberals and fill their coffers.


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