Grand Theft World Podcast 010 | Everything’s allReichstag

Welcome to Grand Theft World Podcast episode 010, 'Everything's allReichstag'.

Written By Grand Theft World

On January 11, 2021

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Welcome to Grand Theft World Podcast episode 010, ‘Everything’s allReichstag’.

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  1. Jacob Allan

    This is some of there best content there is. No idea why there are no comments here, I hope its getting out there.

    Thank you Richard. It would be great to connect as while I love the content, I am interested in how we can take actions and build communities to achieve specific outcomes.

    The content is great and I am truly grateful, but once people learn and read the books you mention, what then? how do we connect and what are our objectives. It would seem to me a united front of organized communities taking action would be the only logical step. It just seems to me like we are short on time, and we could be doing more.

  2. AJ

    Hey there, Did you guys watch dictastor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State 3 part speech? It’s an admission to the Great Reset but also interestingly, he basically talks about turning all those empty properties deserted by the little guys ‘due to covid’ into ‘affordable housing connected to affordable $15/month broadband instead of $50/month by setting up the “Reimagine New York Comission” lead by Eric Schmidt, the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller foundation”.
    To go back to Catherine Austin Fitts, I spotted this below article today. Bill Gates is now the number one owner of agricultural land in the US. They have a list. Ted Turner in there and Jeff Bezos probably outbidding any farmer out there.

    Love you guys.


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