Great Reset, Inclusive Capitalism, The Vatican & Klaus Schwab – Richard Grove / Jay Dyer

by | Jan 6, 2021 | 1 comment

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  1. @ JUST BEFORE 1:55 You were talking a bout Dan Pena’s (not going looking for the correct letters/spelling) comments on global warming. Dan says that he & his wife within the last few years took a second honeymoon to Antarctica and the Arctic. He says he was able to speak with genuine climatologists on both poles who all pissed themselves laughing at the concept of AGW which is simply not real. Climate is cyclic – at least for the duration that is ever likely to concern humanity as a species; and if you go & check the real figures, you can clearly see this for yourself.
    Yes, he cites that the banks wouldn’t be so stupid as to offer mortgages on properties that’d be likely to be under water within the span of a mortgage policy.
    I would further add that a recent President pushing all of this horseshit bought a $14,000,000 beachfront property – go figure.
    Dan says that AGW is simply a method for the banks and big business (including fossil fuel providers) to collude (nothing new there) and make money out of a primarily dysfunctional business model whereby the technology is inadequate (best solar cells and turbines fail within 20 years, moreover they kill millions of birds, not to mention that they are unreliable and require more conventional means of power supply ticking over at at least 1/3 capacity in order to accommodate for when the sun goes in or the wind stops blowing) and cannot support itself in a free market scenario.
    The AGW scam created an opportunity for speculative “green” taxation, the funding of inept “renewables” and an opportunity for the jackals to all take a piece of the pie.


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