Grand Theft World Podcast 008 | Silence of Consenting Lambs

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  1. As you are so well read Richard, can you name Solzhenitsyn’s only book not published in English and its thesis? Hint its ‘200 Hundred Together.’ What do you think of it?

  2. Correction: The book’s title should read ‘200 Hundred Years Together”

  3. Since they cannot explain low death percentages they have used the horrible symptoms and damaged organs some survivors of Covid-19 have as a reason to fear. I remember that those severe symptoms are not new except for WBC count and PCR. Plenty of independent health experts have informed us of how the terrible health of our population is in and how it will get worse. But nobody cared back then so I am surprise why do people care now?

  4. Love the show, great work!!
    What is the name of the program you use for History Web… I believe you referred to it as the Memory Blueprint?

  5. Nathan Rich – China Uncensored is Falun Gong (Cult)
    ABC News – Who are the Falun Gong? | Foreign Correspondent

    J.J. McCullough – This Chinese Cult is Not Your Friend

    Inside Falun Gong’s propaganda empire.
    A selection of sources:

    Master Li in his own words:

    Cyrus Janssen – What I Learned from Reading the Epoch Times
    Nathan Rich – Tracking the FAR-RIGHT Falun Gong on a Map

    Diagram of Falun Gong’s web of influence

    Reports on China ‘organ harvesting’ derive from front groups of far-right cult Falun Gong

  6. Will 2021 Be the Year of Global Economic Collapse? Or Global Recovery?

    What a year 2020 was. Super extremes in all directions. 2021 is very questionable. Some have suggested it’s the year of recovery. Others say a worsening crisis, leading to collapse. There are certainties though, higher taxation, more money printing, devaluation of currencies, and more control from the top on everyone else. That gives us a starting point from which to draw inferences on the big questions facing us in the near future.


  7. “There are certainties though, higher taxation, more money printing, devaluation of currencies, and more control from the top on everyone else.” I agree – and would add “more confusion.”

    ‘If you cannot convince them, confuse them.” Harry Truman
    Checkout “The Power of Confusion |The Vineyard of the Saker.”

    “Demoralize, destabilize, the crisis, and normalization (the new normal).” Yuri Bezmenov

    Acknowledge their gaslighting, circumvent their gatekeepers, deconstruct their narrative, and escape their algorithm. Seek transparency, full disclosure, and accountability. Ask questions, develop credible sources of information, and search for the “truth.” Finding the “truth is a lonely and demanding path.

    “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Thomas Jefferson.

    Thank you Richard – keep up the good fight.


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