Solutions for Content Creators to Censorship and How To Be More Efficient, With Matthew Raymer of Content Safe.

Written By Chris McMillon

On December 13, 2020

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A massive solution for content creators in response to the growing threat of censorship, Content Safe is an inevitable step in the evolution of silver linings and innovation that are resulting as the clouds over Mordor grow darker.

Matthew Raymer discusses the structure of old platforms and new ones, business strategies, where all the freedom minded content creators are flocking to, and the importance of decentralization. He also discusses the “technique” of Bernard Charbonneau, the views of Jaques Ellul, and the philosophies of Aldous and Julian Huxley. We discuss the challenges he’s faced, how Content Safe got started, and finally we discuss a number of other solutions.

Get all the links and show notes at the original post at here.

Find out about Content Safe here.


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