Mutual Maskerbation

Written By Grand Theft World Bot

On December 9, 2020

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  1. I don’t get to say this very often… There’s a woman I respect.

  2. Love this rant, it’s so true that people are just like boiling frogs

  3. Agree 100% with everything but the hospice, i am sorry if you had a bad experience. Absolutely LOVE the rest of the rant. Also, after 8 months of screaming about the hospitals being overwhelmed, has any of the billions spent been given to hospitals?

  4. This is what every morning is about for me. Tell it like it is woman!!
    Fear Massked Suicide
    I can’t go out anymore. I don’t care how if they want to be herd animals. They all look like aliens; then again, they’ve acted pretty inhuman for ever and a day. Friggin’ yuppies. Sycophant societal pole climbers, money is the universal whore.
    I just yell at them that they’re killing us all and go home and cry. I don’t want to see people anymore. They’ve become infected by The Machine. The Deadliest Dead Infection


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